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Libations transforms ordinary ingredients into flavorsome drinks.

Libations Permits

Libation permits and items may be purchased at your local city or council Trade office. Once there, you will need to BUY LIBATIONS PERMIT at which point you will become a professional in the field. The permit has a standard cost of 100 bound credits. The Libations is a mini skill and you will need to train it in order to acquire more abilities beyond mere brewing. Your learning in Libations will determine how many sips you brew.

PATTERN LIST LIBATIONS To see all the patterns available to you.

AB LIBATIONS FORMULA on how to set up your libation design.


Libations offers the following abilities:

  • Brewing - Stir together the drinks of the trade.
  • Formula - Design the blend of ingredients that make up your drink.


All Libations designs are created from the Libations pattern 352 ("brew").

DESIGN LIST OWNED will show you what, if any, designs you own.


The following equipment is used for brewing. Equipment will vary, depending on what is being brewed.

  • potstill
  • a jar of herbal liqueur
  • a jar of flavoured liqueur
  • a jar of fruit liqueur
  • cask



  • DESIGN <####> BREW <potstill>
  • FILL <container> FROM <potstill>

Cask Aging

  • A player transcendent in Libations is able to seal a cask away and allow it to age. Aging a cask is the only way to bypass the base alcoholic limits set on fluids and with every year a cask is sealed a single point will be added to the alcoholic value. Years of [un]sealing will be written on the casks.

Casks are available at the Rayatem Winery.

Storage Containers