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Survival is a skill that everyone receives. It deals with outdoors issues as well as general survival issues. Abilities in it include being able to swim, climb trees, attack dimensional wormholes, heal your limbs by force of will alone, and many other useful abilities.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Swimming Inept 0 Swim in the oceans, rivers, and lakes of Imperian.
Surveying Novice 0 Gain information on the characteristics of your location.
Treading Apprentice 0 Swim in one place without drowning.
Perceive Capable 0 Determine if a room is an Druidic grove.
Assessing Capable 40 Ascertaining the health of a target.
Hearing Capable 80 Restoring your hearing.
Dousing Adept 0 Put out fires with buckets of water.
CombatFocus Adept 25 Focus your senses on what is important.
Diagnose Adept 50 Check up on your physical and mental health.
Sewers Skilled 0 Gaining entry to the dark underbelly of the cities.
Satiation Skilled 40 Who needs food?
FluidSwim Skilled 60 Swimming with not a care in the world.
Metawake Skilled 80 Cause yourself to quickly wake up automatically.
Tumbling Gifted 0 Tumble past obstructions.
Crashing Gifted 33 Crashing past obstructions in the forest.
WormAttack Gifted 66 Attacking dimensional wormholes.
Felling Expert 0 Lo! How the mighty can fall!
Recovery Expert 25 Recovering from the use of the Tree of Life more quickly.
Selfishness Expert 62 Become too selfish to throw or give anything away.
Clotting Virtuoso 0 Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Insomnia Virtuoso 33 Cause yourself to be unable to fall asleep.
Swinging Virtuoso 66 Climbing up into the trees.
Shaking Fabled 9 Shaking a tree to see what falls out.
Clinging Fabled 45 Clinging tightly onto a tree.
PowerCall Fabled 75 The mighty obelisks are now within your reach.
Restoration Mythical 0 Healing damaged limbs by force of will.
Breathing Mythical 30 Controlling your breathing to avoid asphyxiation.
Curseward Mythical 61 Erect a barrier against curses.
Focusing Transcendent 0 Curing mental afflictions by sheer will.