Weaponmastery (skill)

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This is the primary skillset of any Aetherian knight, allowing for differing bladework styles. It includes the core ability to hit twice with most bladed weapons, allowing a Runeguard to deal damage and deliver toxins simultaneously. It also includes limited ranged abilities in the form of bows, and other utilitarian skills like impaling your foes and defending your allies.

Name Rank Percent Description
Combo - - Perform a dual attack.
Thrust - - A basic attack with a shortsword.
Proficiency - - Choose mastery of one specific weapon.
Raze - - Attack the defences that would keep your weapons out.
Gripping - - Grip your wielded items in a deathlock.
Battlecry - - Stun a target with the power of your voice.
Block - - Obstructing departure with your body.
Slash - - Assault your opponent with a wide variety of weapons.
Barge - - Barging your opponents.
Lunge - - A deep, piercing blow from an adjacent location.
Lacerate - - A powerful attack with a longsword.
Envenom - - Coat a weapon in venoms.
Bowmanship - - Use of the valued projectile weapon.
Wind - - Further increase your accuracy through wind compensation.
Aiming - - Increase your accuracy in shooting.
Impale - - Sink your blade into an opponent.
Reave - - An overwhelming flurry of blows with a battleaxe.
Arc - - Swing your blade in a controlled arc.
Hack - - Hack at bodyparts with a scimitar.
Crossbows - - Your icewyrm will inform you of flowing blood.
Shred - - A longsword attack that prevents the blood from clotting.
Feint - - Deceive your foe and cause them to drop their guard.
TigerStance - - Increase the speed of your battleaxe attacks.
Defend - - Attempt to protect someone else with swordwork.
LionStance - - Increase the power of your battleaxe attacks.
Cleaving - - Rend your opponent's body in two.
Displacement - - Slash your foe in two different places.
Rush - - Strike your target as you ride past.
Tendoncut - - Cut the weakened tendons with a scimitar.
Hornbows - - Using the infamous hornbows.
Engage - - Damage a cowardly opponent.
Disembowel - - Tear the entrails from a target.