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Demonic Circle
Brutality • Necromancy • Smithing

The skill of Brutality contains the main offensive abilities of the Diavlous. It can be thought of as consisting of four distinct categories. The first group gives them their sword abilities, such as doubleslash and the brutal disembowel. Next is the use of their terrible war-hounds, the deadly companion often found at a Diavlous' side. Brutality also holds the techniques of archery, which when combined with their swordplay makes the Diavlous treacherous foes indeed. Lastly, there are a number of miscellaneous offensive and defensive capabilities, such as their ability to go into a fantastic rage.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Hounds Inept 0% Master control over your faithful hound.
Weathering Novice 0% Immunity to normal weather.
Seek Apprentice 0% Order your hound to seek the enemy.
Glance Capable 0% Look through the eyes of your hound.
Proficiency Capable 20% Choose mastery of one specific weapon.
Raze Capable 40% Attack the defences that would keep your weapons out.
Thrust Capable 60% An accurate attack with a shortsword.
Block Adept 0% Obstructing departure with your body.
Fitness Adept 25% Controlling your breathing.
Follow Adept 50% Have your hound follow the enemy.
Gripping Adept 75% Grip your wielded items in a deathlock.
Duality Skilled 0% The ability to rapidly slash twice.
Barge Skilled 20% Barging your opponents.
Lunge Skilled 40% A deep, piercing blow from an adjacent location.
Impale Skilled 60% Sink your blade into an opponent.
Battlecry Skilled 80% Stun a target with the power of your voice.
Envenom Gifted 0% Coat a weapon in venoms.
Bowmanship Gifted 16% Use of the valued projectile weapon.
Wind Gifted 33% Further increase your accuracy through wind compensation.
Quickmount Gifted 50% Instantly leap into the saddle of your loyal mount.
Aiming Gifted 66% Increase your accuracy in shooting.
Bulwark Expert 0% Use your shield to create a translucent barrier.
Sturdiness Gifted 83% Standing firm against attempts to move you.
RazeSlash Expert 20% First penetrate his defences, then give him the sharp end.
Deliver Expert 60% Your hound will deliver objects to others.
Resistance Expert 80% Reduce the damage taken from magickal attacks.
Crossbows Virtuoso 0% A powerful projectile weapon.
Mountkick Virtuoso 16% Order your mount to destroy an icewall.
Clotting Virtuoso 33% Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Rage Virtuoso 55% Throw off pacifying afflictions.
Joust Virtuoso 77% Charge your opponent with a lance.
Retrieve Fabled 0% Your hound will return items to you.
Startle Fabled 18% Order your hound to harass an opponent's steed.
Defend Fabled 36% Attempt to protect someone else with swordwork.
Bloodscent Fabled 54% Your hound will report on activity in your area.
Cleaving Fabled 72% Rend your opponent's body in two.
Observe Fabled 90% Your hound can report on individuals in the area.
Displacement Mythical 0% Slash your foe in two different places.
Rush Mythical 7% Strike your target as you ride past.
Arc Mythical 23% Swing your blade in a controlled arc.
Feintslash Mythical 30% Deceive your foe and cause them to drop their guard.
Hornbows Mythical 38% Using the infamous hornbows.
Sunder Mythical 53% A mighty blow delivered from the back of your mount.
Fury Mythical 69% Enrage your hound with mortal blood.
Engage Mythical 84% Damage a cowardly opponent.
Disembowel Transcendent 100% Tear the entrails from a target.