Naturebinding Abilities

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These are all the abilities in the skill of Naturebinding.



This ability will allow you to see if any grove has been imprinted in the room, as well as give you detailed information about any of the great trees in the room.


 PLANT <seed>
       TRANSPLANT <sapling>
       PLANT <sapling>

If you have a seed for one of the great trees in the forest, you may plant the seed in the nursery in a druidic guildhall.

After several months in the nursery, the seed will have grown into a small sapling. You can retrieve your sapling with TRANSPLANT <sapling>.

Once you have a sapling, you must find a forest or jungle room in which to plant the tree, then PLANT <sapling>. A room can only have one tree planted in it.

Using SEEDS in the nursery will show you what seeds and saplings you currently have growing.

Seeds can be purchased from one of the druidic guild tutors.

You can plant seeds and saplings for all ten types of trees.

The following types of trees exist:

  • Apple
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Birch
  • Blackthorn
  • Elder
  • Hawthorn
  • Hazel
  • Honeysuckle
  • Willow



This ability will allow you to gather a seed from one of the great trees. A tree will only produce one seed per day.



Once a great tree has been planted, this ability allows you to form a connection between yourself and the tree. This does not offer any immediate benefits, but it is necessary to be able to summon roots of the tree of that type.

You can establish a link with one tree of each type. TREELINKS can be used to check the status of your linked trees.

If the great tree is felled, infested, or otherwise destroyed, your link will likewise be lost. Your bond with the tree will allow you to be notified about this, should it happen.

If you link to a different tree of the same type, the previous bond will be severed.


 NATUREBIND [root type] <ability>

Once you have established a link with a great tree, you can call upon it to send you one of its animated roots. Each root has different abilities and powers, which are detailed in their own AB helps. There are no environmental restrictions - you can summon roots from anywhere.

You can have up to three active roots at a time. Once you have summoned one or more roots, you can call them to you using CALL ROOTS, should you get separated from them.

Summoning a root does not consume any balance, but it takes some time for the root to come to you. You can't summon any other roots while waiting for a root to arrive.

Once a root has been summoned, you can use the NATUREBIND [root type] <ability> syntax to have it perform various abilities. The root needs to be in the same area as you for this to work. The specifics of each ability are detailed in separate AB helps. If you do not specify a root type, the first suitable one will be used.

The ROOTS command can be used to review the locations of all your roots.



Should you no longer require the assistance of any of your summoned roots, you can send them back under the ground. This ability does not consume any balance.



Roots: Apple, Beech

This ability provides a defence that improves your health regeneration for some time.



Roots: Ash, Birch, Willow

This ability displays the list of people in the room where the root is located.


 NATUREBIND [root type] STING <target>

Roots: Blackthorn, Elder, Honeysuckle

This ability allows you to bid a summoned root to sting a target at its location, afflicting with formaldehyde.



This ability will allow you to heal a great tree of any damage that has been done to it.

In addition, if one of the great trees is being attacked and you are in the same area or an adjacent area, you will be informed that a tree is being attacked.


 NATUREBIND [root type] MASK

You are now able to mask the presence of all your nearby roots, or of a single chosen one.


 NATUREBIND [root type] SHRED <target>

Roots: Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Honeysuckle

The summoned root can shred the skin of your target, causing damage, bleeding, and sensitivity.


 NATUREBIND [root type] LASH <target>

Roots: Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Hazel

This ability causes the root to lash out twice at its target, causing damage. The damage depends on target's number of crippled limbs.



You are now able to order all your present roots, or the specified root, to start following you around wherever you go.

Additionally, once you have acquired this ability, all roots will start following you around whenever summoned or recalled.



This ability will tell you who last harmed a tree.



This ability will allow you to sense the location of any trees that exist in the same area as you.



If you have a seed of the same type as the infested tree in your location, you can use this ability to attempt to purify the tree. Purification is a long ongoing process (you don't need to remain present after it started, though).


 NATUREBIND [root type] CHILL <target>

Roots: Honeysuckle, Willow

This ability will cause the root to attempt to freeze its target.


 NATUREBIND [root type] WINE INTO <container>

Roots: Elder

If you have a suitable container available, you can bid an elder root to produce a small amount of strong wine.


 NATUREBIND [root type] CIRCLE <target>

Roots: Birch, Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Hazel

You can now order your roots to begin circling around a target of your choice. This has no immediate effect, but is a pre-requisite for several other attacks.


 NATUREBIND [root type] CHOKE <target>

Roots: Birch, Hawthorn

If a root is circling around its target, you may order it to start choking him or her, causing periodic damage and preventing departure until writhed out. Being choked also slows down the target's pipe balance.

Using choke will cause the root to stop circling.


 NATUREBIND [root type] HOLD

Roots: Birch, Hawthorn, Hazel

You can order the root to hold yourself, preventing many types of forced movement.

Attempting to use the root for any other purpose will interrupt the holding.



By focusing your energies on one of the great trees of the forest, you are able to reverse the effects of time on the tree and cause it to recede into a sapling once again.

Once you have concentrated for a moderate amount of time, you will uproot the sapling and will be able to plant it again elsewhere.


 NATUREBIND [root type] DRAIN <target>

Roots: Beech, Honeysuckle, Willow

This ability will cause the root to attempt to drain some of the target's mana.


 NATUREBIND [root type] ENTANGLE <target>

Roots: Blackthorn, Hawthorn

If a root is circling around a target, you may order it to entangle him or her. This will cause the root to cease circling.


 NATUREBIND [root type] BREACH <target>

Roots: Blackthorn, Elder, Hazel

This ability can be used to break the translucent shield around your target.


 NATUREBIND [root type] SCREEN ME/<target>

Roots: Apple, Beech, Willow

This ability causes the root to protect the chosen target from a Telepathy attack. The defence is only able to repel a single attack before being removed.


 NATUREBIND [root type] ABSORB <target>

Roots: Apple, Elder

This ability will induce a special effect in the target that will cause the next health or mana sip to transfer 1/3 of its effect to the Druid. The effect wears off when triggered, or after roughly five seconds.


 NATUREBIND [root type] STRIP <target>

Roots: Elder, Honeysuckle, Willow

This ability allows you to bid a summoned root to strip a random defence from its target. This does not bypass protective shields.


 NATUREBIND [root type] SUBMERGE ME/<target>

Roots: Birch, Hazel

Once a root is circling around a chosen target, you can order it to drag the target below the ground. This has the same effect as burrowing.

This ability does not require circling if used on yourself, or if the target considers you an ally.



You are now able to specialise your roots to better suit your tactics. Three different specialisations are available:


  • all root attacks are 10% faster
  • Entrap also throws target to the ground
  • Lash does extra bleeding
  • Shred also hits with shivering
  • Sting also hits with dryblood (50% chance)
  • Bewilder lets you optionally pick the affliction (NATUREBIND BEWILDER <target> <affliction>)
  • Breach is 25% faster
  • Curse lasts 33% longer


  • damaging attacks do 20% more damage- roots take 25% less damage when attacked
  • Entrap also causes damage
  • Shred repeats the sensitivity after a few seconds
  • Sting has a chance to hit twice
  • Entangle does damage on hit (not periodic)
  • Breach also causes damage if successful


  • Strip is 25% faster
  • Exorcise is 25% faster
  • Breach is 50% slower
  • Roots take 25% more damage when attacked

You can change your specialisation as often as you wish.



Root types: Ash, Birch, Honeysuckle

By monitoring the tremors around it, the root can report the movements of people entering and leaving its location.


 NATUREBIND [root type] BEWILDER <target>

Roots: Elder, Willow

This ability causes the root to hit with a random mental affliction from this list: dizziness, recklessness, masochism, healthleech, anorexia.


 NATUREBIND [root type] TRACK <target>

Roots: all

You are now able to direct a root to seek out another individual and travel to their location. This only works if your target is in the same area as you.


 NATUREBIND [root type] ENTRAP <target>

Roots: Birch, Hawthorn, Hazel

The animated root will attempt to thwart the departure of its target. If successful, the root will knock the target off-balance.


 NATUREBIND [root type] CURSE <target>

Roots: Apple, Beech

This ability delivers a powerful curse of Nature to its victim, preventing most forms of passive health and mana regeneration for some time.


 NATUREBIND [root type] EXORCISE <target>

Roots: Elder, Honeysuckle, Willow

This ability will cause the root to attempt to banish lesser demons. The presence of a demonic minion will prevent this from working.



Once your target has been sufficiently weakened, you can use this ability to focus on overwhelming him or her with the power of Naturebinding. All Naturebinding attacks against your chosen target will be twice as fast while Overwhelm is in effect.

The duration of Overwhelm depends on target's health when the ability is initiated. The target needs to be below 70% health for Overwhelm to work at all, and lower health means higher duration.

Once the effect wears off, a cooldown takes effect, whose duration is the same as the duration of the Overwhelm effect itself. This means that if you initiate Overwhelm while the target's health is lower, both the duration and the cooldown will take longer.