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Magick Circle
Evocation • Naturebinding • Pioneering

The skill of Naturebinding focuses on the control of Nature. By linking themselves to the great trees, Druids are capable of summoning the tree roots to create a multitude of effects.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Perceive Inept 0 Learn more information about a tree.
Plant Inept 0 Encourage the growth of a seed into a small sapling.
Gather Novice 0 Collect the seeds from an existing tree.
Linking Apprentice 0 Link yourself to the great trees.
Summon Capable 0 Summon the roots of various linked trees.
Banish Capable 33 Banish the summoned roots.
Regenerate Capable 66 Regenerate health with the power of nature.
Sense Adept 0 The root can sense those nearby.
Sting Adept 25 Attack with a poisonous sting.
Tend Adept 50 Heal a damaged tree.
Mask Adept 75 Mask your roots from prying eyes.
Shred Skilled 0 Shred the skin of your foes.
Lash Skilled 25 Lash at Nature's enemies with the earthen power.
Follow Skilled 50 Summoned roots that follow you around.
Desecrator Skilled 75 Who would dare harm the forest?
Treelist Gifted 0 What mighty trees exist in this forest?
Purify Gifted 20 Purify an infested tree.
Chill Gifted 40 Spores that chill to the bone.
Wine Gifted 60 Brew the intoxicating elder wine.
Circling Gifted 80 Bid a root to start circling around an individual.
Choke Expert 0 Send a circling root to choke its prey.
Hold Expert 20 Root yourself to the ground. Literally.
Uproot Expert 40 Transmute a mighty tree to a small sapling again.
Drain Expert 60 Sap the mental strength from your foe.
Entangle Expert 80 Send a circling root to entangle your foe.
Breach Virtuoso 0 Breach the translucent shields that keep Nature at bay.
Screen Virtuoso 25 A short-term clarity of mind.
Absorb Virtuoso 50 Link your healing with another.
Strip Virtuoso 75 Remove the defences protecting your target.
Submerge Fabled 0 Drag your target much closer to the Nature.
Specialise Fabled 25 Alter the properties of your summoned roots.
Tremors Fabled 50 Detect the movement of individuals.
Bewilder Fabled 75 Inflict a variety of maladies upon your enemies.
Track Mythical 0 Send a root to hunt down enemies of Nature.
Entrap Mythical 33 Bid a root to keep a close watch on another.
Curse Mythical 66 The curse of the Nature itself.
Exorcise Mythical 33 Drive away the presence of foul demons.
Overwhelm Mythical 66 The power of Nature fully unleashed.