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Most of the Taekate abilities are affected by a variety of factors. First, being in a stance modifies the damage and speed of each Taekate attack. You will always want to be in some stance or another while using Taekate. Second, the higher your Taekate, the more likely you are to hit an opponent with a particular attack, and the more damage you will do with that attack.

The advancement system of Taekate is a bit different from the other skills. You may progress to a certain level in the skill, and then you must be tested to see if you are worthy of a new belt. A test consists of successfully completinga kata, which is a series of moves, in front of a master, who has either black belt or at least three belts above you. To practice the form, you DEMONSTRATE the form. At first, you will have little chance of completing the kata successfully. With more practice however, your skill will improve and your chance of completing the form improves. When you are confident that you can complete the form without error, find a master to GRADE you.

To see which katas you are capable of demonstrating, as well as which you have mastered, use KATAS.

After you gain some basic skill in Taekate, you may choose to specialise in either kickboxing or pugilism. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Either, however, is better than being without specialization.

While at a training room within the Monastery of Manoa, you may concentrate your studies in Taekate to emphasise your kicks or your punches. Specialising as a Kickboxer allows you to throw two kicks before you will need to regain balance, but you will not to be able to throw any punches after the second kick. Specialising as a Pugilist allows you to throw four total punches before you will need to regain balance on your arms. You will not be able to throw any kicks after the third punch.

For the young, kickboxing is generally advised - the drain on your body's endurance is less than that of the pugilist. However, kickboxers often find themselves with fewer options in combat.

Should you desire to change your specialization, you will be able to after one year of the initial specialization.