Circles of Knowledge

The three Circles of Knowledge represent separate factions in Aetherius that are predominantly defined by their attitudes and aptitudes towards the use of Magick.

  • Anti-Magick characters oppose and prohibit all uses and forms of Magick, preferring natural or divine powers
  • Demonic characters summon and wield the powers of dark Magick which has combined with energies from the Demon plane
  • Magick characters study and wield the powers of light or neutral Magick which is untouched by Demonic energy


This Circle represents a philosophy that seeks natural and spiritual purity in all things, emphasising an awareness of the inherent strengths and weaknesses within us all. It rejects the dangerously chaotic and destructive magicks released by the moons of Aetherius, opposing any who seek to wield forbidden powers for their own selfish ends and instead aims to forge self-reliant communities that draw on their fierce independence to survive.

Most of those who are Anti-Magick live in the shining desert city of Antioch or the frozen forest council of Ithaqua.


This Circle represents a philosophy that embraces the transformative energies that now infuse all living things under the three Moons, respecting the advancement of mortal knowledge and mastery in manipulating these eldritch flows of power. It seeks ever deeper understanding of Magick and its manifold expression so that the lives of all inhabitants of Aetherius, great and small, may reach their fullest potential.

Those with Magickal aptitude are centred mostly in the free city of Kinsarmar or the forest council of Celidon.


This Circle represents a philosophy that recognises the inherent struggle between the shadows and the light that rages within all things, and proudly chooses not to cower from the darkness. Instead, it seeks deeper understanding of the evils that plague Aetherius so that they might be bent by mortal will. Having piercing the shadowy veil that conceals an alien world of horrific delight, it teaches fiendish command of the great and terrible magicks of the Demon plane.

The majority of those wielding Demonic powers dwelled in the lawful city of Stavenn, but now are limited to the corrupted forest council of Khandava.