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The Duchy of the Five Towers
Circle: Magick
Guilds: Vindicators, Bards, Animists, and Spectres
Townes: Kaark'krazul, Tirhin, Velin, Pabin'aquinumi, Tayar

After the fall of Caanae, many shocked and distraught people were forced to look for new homes. Many moved south to other cities, while some banded together to recreate their own. This led to the founding of Kinsarmar. Discovered by a group of explorers from Stavenn, Kinsarmar soon fell to its imperialistic neighbor.

After nearly two hundred years Kinsarmar rebelled strongly, and with the help of the denizens of the forest, repelled attempts to retake the city. A now ecstatic city began to focus on never being conquered again, eventually going so far as to become one of the first cities to openly accept magickal practices. The guilds of the Mages and Lorekeepers were founded, and have since kept their guildhalls there to work together and defend the city.

Marked by its great walls and towers, Kinsarmar stands out against the granite hills surrounding it by sheer size. With the aid of magick and sound engineering, five towers rise from within the city to survey the land about it, each of which is connected with the city via walkway to permit easy lookouts and access to all towers without needing the ground. Defense kept in mind, the very homes are designed similar to the great walls protecting them, making the city itself a second defense. A now great, free city, Kinsarmar shall not soon fall to invaders again.


Beginning in the year 406 AD, enormous, scaled serpents emerged from the sewers of Kinsarmar, much larger than the ones typically found below the city. Though dangerous, a group of Kinsarmarians quickly killed the serpents and the city returned to normalcy, until a few hours later, when a swarm of tiny, vicious snakes began to infest the streets of the city. These snakes were venomous and posed a much larger threat to citizens, causing Kildare Vian'Cirith and Skye Arivan to gather a larger group of adventurers to purge the city of this infestation. It was theorized that this sudden phenomena may have been caused by a recent earthquake, the same disaster that revealed the Chorsha Underground to the world. Jalin, the tanner, would soon arrive in the city and set up shop to begin paying adventurers for the corpses of serpents they killed.

Two months later, Kinsarmarian forces would again gather to assist the citizens of Antioch in repelling an assault from a horde of ogres.