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Welcome to the Imperian Wiki!

This is a player-written and player-maintained encyclopedia for the world of Imperian - a compendium of history, mythology, geography, and other elements of the game. It is a place where players can share and expand their knowledge.

It is not intended for the Wiki to replace Imperian's web site or in-game resources, but rather to supplement them. We won't be simply repeating web pages or help files here unless there's something to be gained by collecting or annotating them. There will still be much in Imperian not accessible here, such as the intricacies of private organizations and clans. The Wiki is player-maintained, so some of the information here might not be considered canon; while we try to keep it accurate and current, it isn't guaranteed to always be complete or up to date.

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If you would like to help contribute to the Wiki, please create an account and consult the Style Guide.