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Contributing to this Wiki is not intended to be a chore, but there are a few guidelines one should follow in order to adhere to the organization and structure of the various pages and categories. This guide is always changing as new content is added; please use the Discussion page to make suggestions or comments as to how it can be improved.


When linking to another page in the Wiki, only create a link for the first instance of the word being used on that page. (e.g. if Antioch is referenced three times in an article, only the first mention gets a link to the Antioch page)


So far, there are very few instances where a disambiguation page is necessary. However, many of the pages are titled in a way that would allow for disambiguation to occur most effectively:


All pages should belong to at least one category. If you aren't sure if a category exists yet, or can't decide for yourself where it should live, feel free to add it to Category:Marked for categorization, which is frequently reviewed.

When adding categories to a page, the first category should be the broadest relevant category, followed by the next most specific category, and so on and so forth. (e.g. Maiming (skill) first belongs to the Skills category, followed by the Profession Skills category)

Specific Topics

  • When adding information about a geographical location:
    • Flora and fauna should have their descriptions noted, as well as their "strength" (e.g. weak and feeble, unafraid, etc.) and their weight. Denizens should only have their descriptions noted.
      • Think about an encyclopedia; a gorilla's weight and appearance and relative strength would probably be part of its entry, whereas you're unlikely to find out how much Harriet Tubman weighs or whether or not she could beat you in a fight.
    • To prevent an excessive amount of pages being created, each 'type' of creature gets one page, and in that page the different 'kinds' will be listed.