Berserker (profession)

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Berserkers are notable for their ability to harness their raw physical strength and agility to strike out at opponents in dazzling, devastating ways.

Berserkers' basic equipment should include a wielded shield, scalemail, and a longsword. They benefit the most from investments in Strength and Constitution, and so adventurers who choose the Strong or Athletic statpacks are often best prepared for success. Their abilities primarily use balance, though some attacks will cause a combatant to briefly lose their equilibrium.



The skill of Maiming is the central one for any Berserker. In it, the warrior learns how to properly use a longsword and a shield for both offense and defense.


Rampage is the mobility skill of the Berserkers. It is based on the techniques of Wardancers originally developed by Srifat Midbere. Studying Rampage allows a Berserker to move swiftly around the battlefield, escaping where needed or charging into the fray, perform several war dances, and more.


The skill of Warchants completes the arsenal of the Berserkers, giving them both offensive and defensive options. A central concept within the skill is the management of the berserker rage, utilizing it to enhance one's offense.