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Entities are beings of pure energy, formed from the essence left behind by the Gods, after they were slain in the events that signaled the end of the Third Age and the beginning of the Age of Mortality. Entities have no distinct powers or personality - their mind is entirely blank, devoid of memories.

As the entities explore the world around them, they may become attracted to a certain cult, and in doing so they become influenced and shaped by the image of this cult. The specifics of this process remain veiled in mystery, although it is certain that whatever the entities end up evolving into will bear little semblance to the Gods that once were.

An entity can evolve after it has been attached to a cult, and that cult has been transformed into a sect. The form that the entity evolves into depends on the cult's circle.

Ascendari (Anti-Magick)

Diabolus (Demonic)

Morphae (Magick)

Dead or dormant entities:

Unattached (No Circle Affiliation)