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Zaimael was the Diabolus Entity shaped by the beliefs of the Sect of Demonology. In the year 49 AM, his essence was released to the world when the ouroboros Nysashgar devoured him.

Radiant Male Diabolus (Demonic)
Zaimael, the Hated
Iridescent obsidian scales cover his tall and imposing form, interrupted by serpentine lines of blood red scales that twist and write about themselves like snakes. His body is lithe, and near perfectly proportioned, with tightly coiled muscles stretching beneath his polished scales. The armour he wears appears to crafted more to accentuate the perfection of his ssylsin form, and is comprised elaborate shining metal wrapping around one muscular arm ending in razor sharp metal claws, and a like elaborate piece upon his opposing hip. His immensely tall form appears to absorb the light around him, casting his serpentine face into a darkness. Casting vibrant crimson light from within the darkness, his eyes are garnet orbs split by a sliver of pupil. His brow is wreathed with a wicked crown of polished metal and bone, and his cobra-like hood frames his narrow and wicked face.
City Affiliation: None
Towne Residence:
Location: Unknown
Age: (Played for )
Notes: Zaimael was the Entity of the Sect of Demonology