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Saving for posterity:


Design clothing of all sorts, as well as items primarily made with leather or cloth, such as badges, dolls, saddles, bags, eyepatches, and vialbelts. See: Tailoring


Design a wide range of jewelry from rings to necklaces, torcs to cufflinks. See: Jewelry


Work with metal to create furniture, household items, and other things like coins, trophies, and dishes. Metalworking can also be used alongside Smithing to customize already-smithed items and add extra pizazz. See: Metalworking


Design items from wood, like furniture and everyday objects. See: Woodcrafting


Design items from stone. Be a fancy pants and make your own throne! See: Masonry


Have a taste for food? Want to make a nine-course dinner to amaze your friends? Or maybe you want to trick some people into eating what the buzzard brought in. See: Cooking


Brew or mix your own drinks, make your own juice, and ferment your own ales among much more! See: Libations