Hypnosis Abilities

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These are all the abilities in the skill of Hypnosis.


 HYPNOTISE <player>

This will start the hypnosis process. After a short time, if your hypnotising attempt is successful, you will be able to plant suggestions into your target's mind.

 SUGGEST <player> <suggestion>

This will implant a subconscious suggestion. You may implant as many hypnotic suggestions as you wish while your victim is under your trance.

 SUGGEST <player> FRONT <suggestion>

As above, but this variant implants a suggestion to the beginning of the queue, rather than to the end.

 SEAL <player> 

This will seal the player off and bring him out of his trance, the time being the amount of time before the first hypnotic effect will be activated after your target has been snapped at.

 SNAP <player>

This will trigger the hypnosis. Note that _any_ player can trigger hypnotic suggestions this way. Also, the illusion of being snapped at will trigger hypnotic suggestions.

Starting a new hypnosis on a person will clear out all previous hypnotic suggestions, so be sure to implant all the suggestions you wish a person to have BEFORE sealing them.

Note that only Analyse, Cleanse, Whisper, and Action have ability help files. The rest are all suggestions, and you simply must SUGGEST <player> <ability name>.


 ANALYSE <player>

With this ability, you can see what defences are currently protecting your target, or which afflictions he is currently suffering from.


 CLEANSE <player> [<suggestion>]

With this ability, you may scrub the unconcious mind of another person, ridding him of the specified suggestion. If you do not specify a suggestion, then you will cleanse all suggestions within that person's mind. The target needs to be in a hypnotic trance for the ability to have any effect.



This ability can be used to instantly afflict the player with a random hypnotic affliction. This is not affected by any suggestions the target's mind may be bearing.

Unlike other Hypnosis suggestions, this one does not require a hypnotic trance. However, it will not work if any suggestions have been sealed in the target's mind. Additionally, this one cannot be combined with another within the same command.


Although the Action suggestion is a suggestion, it works a bit differently from the other suggestions. Action is used to implant commands in your victim's mind. For instance:

 suggest gawain action say I'm a drunk.

When that suggestion goes off, Gawain will execute "say I'm a drunk."

As action is a considerably more complicated suggestion than any of the others, it takes twice as long to suggest. Suggesting it also cannot be combined with suggesting anything else.