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Demonic Circle
Sabotage • Spatium • Hypnosis


Magick Circle
Sabotage • Spatium • Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a science.

It has long been known that our subconscious mind is a powerful force and that it can be influenced in mysterious ways, but until a forgotten Saboteur discovered the principles of Hypnosis, there was no way to use it.

With this skill, a Saboteur is able to sink a target into a hypnotic trance, possibly without the target even realising it. The Saboteur may then implant various subliminal suggestions, sealing them deep within the target's mind. Implanting a subtle timer, the Saboteur then rouses the target from his or her hypnotic trance, waiting for the proper time to trigger the suggestions within the target's mind.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Hypnotise Inept 0 Influence the subconscious mind.
Impatience Inept 0 Inability to concentrate on focused tasks.
Clumsiness Novice 0 Inability to use weaponry effectively.
Amnesia Apprentice 0 Causes the victim to forget to do his next action.
Addiction Capable 0 A terrible addiction to elixirs.
Masochism Capable 40 The love of your own pain.
Loneliness Adept 0 Fear of being left on your own.
Claustrophobia Adept 50 Fear of enclosed spaces.
Stuttering Skilled 0 Anxious difficulty with speech.
Hallucinations Skilled 40 Vivid hallucinations to plague your foe.
Pacifism Gifted 0 Loss of desire to cause anyone harm.
Hypersomnia Gifted 33 A condition that prevents insomnia.
Dementia Gifted 66 Hugely distorts victim's perception of the world.
Deadening Expert 0 Weakening of the mind.
Epilepsy Expert 25 Throw your victim's nervous system into disarray.
Agoraphobia Expert 50 Fear of open spaces.
Paranoia Expert 75 They are out to get you, believe me.
Analyse Virtuoso 0 Discover someone's defences.
Recklessness Virtuoso 33 Ignorance of health and disregard for well-being.
Vertigo Virtuoso 66 Fear of heights.
Heroism Fabled 0 Make them feel like a hero they are not.
Cleanse Fabled 9 Clean yourself or another of suggestions.
Whisper Fabled 25 Quickly invoke maladies of the mind.
Lethargy Fabled 36 A distinct lack of energy.
Anorexia Fabled 63 Loss of desire to eat.
Confusion Mythical 0 Causes the mind to become confounded.
Stupidity Mythical 23 Abject, stumbling idiocy.
Generosity Mythical 46 Indiscriminate, overwhelming generosity.
Action Mythical 76 The ability to suggest an action of your choice.
Hypochondria Transcendent 0 The conviction that one is constantly afflicted.