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Magick Circle
Voice • Thespia • Artistry

Game Description

Music itself has long been popular among mortals, and since the Awakening, has taken on a new importance. The very ethereal tides of Magick released at that time seem to respond to certain vibrations, such as that of sound. By playing instruments and matching the sounds made with ones voice, the ripples of magick can be redirected to cause many different effects, from travel to healing, from giving strength to calming the angry. Music indeed can soothe the savage beast, but music now may also slay it.


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Team Support

This section will be completed by a Bard combatant. For more information talk to a Bard in the game.

Tactical Offense

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Performance and Illusion

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Ability List

Thespia offers the following abilities:

Name Description Required Skill Required Instrument Effects
Revelation Force unwilling participants to see your performances. Inept 0% - Targets enemy, strips blindness or deafness defences periodically
Syntax: SING REVELATION <target>
The first of the songs that a Bard learns, this song, once bound to a person's being, will routinely 
attempt to strip the target of blindness or deafness.
Mimicry Take on the basic appearance of others. Novice 0% - Duplicates another player on WHO list
Syntax: MIMIC <person>
Your proficiencies at performing have allowed you the ability to mimic another person, such that 
very casual observers will see that person, instead of you.
Therapeutics Let the peaceful tones of a mandolin cure what ails you. Novice 33% Mandolin Targets ally, periodically cures an affliction
Requires: Playing a mandolin
The first of the Thespia songs that requires the playing of an instrument, you must have a beechwood 
mandolin in order to sing it. To play an instrument, you must first be wielding the instrument, and 
then PLAY <instrument>. You may stop playing the instrument by unwielding it, or use CEASE PLAYING 
<instrument>. The Song of Therapeutics will randomly draw an affliction from the body of the person 
that the song is bound to.
Dissonance Harm your target with sonic waves of force. Novice 66% Drum Targets enemy, periodically causes damage
Syntax: SING DISSONANCE <player>
Requires: Playing a drum
This song, as it is based upon sonic vibrations, will not be deflected by the deafness or blindness 
of a target. It will periodically cause damage to those that it is bound to.
Elusiveness Move about without being followed. Apprentice 0% - Defence, prevents players using FOLLOW on you
Make it impossible for others to follow you.
Feign Create realistic illusions. Apprentice 33% - Creates an illusion seen by others in your room
Syntax: FEIGN <performance>
Using your impressive acting abilities, you can act out a performance that all in the room will see.
You may put a new line in your illusion with the special character sequence "\n" (a backslash 
followed by an n).
Lullaby Slowly lull your target into sleep. Apprentice 66% Mandolin Targets enemy, periodically causes either sleep or loss of sleep defences
Syntax: SING LULLABY <target>
Requires: Playing a mandolin
This song will attempt to lull its target to sleep, first stripping away insomnia and quince.
Songs The ability to find and end songs. Capable 0% - Shows remaining duration of songs on a target or in the room, and allows removal of a particular song
Syntax: SONGS <player>/HERE/ME
        SONG END <song> <player>/HERE/ME
You may see what songs are affecting a person or place, as well as an estimate as to how long the 
song will last. However, keep in mind that music is an unpredictable beast at best, and one can only 
gain a rough estimate as to when the song will end. Furthermore, if you have the ability to sing a 
certain song, you may prematurely end that song.
Restoration Regenerate your health through the power of music. Capable 33% Panpipes Targets ally, periodically restores some health
Syntax: SING RESTORATION <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a set of panpipes
The Song of Restoration will periodically restore some of the targets health.
Ward Shield yourself with sonic waves. Capable 66% Drum Targets ally, reduces cutting/blunt damage taken while active
Syntax: SING WARD <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a drum
The Song of Warding will decrease the amount of physical damage one receives.
Contortionism Wriggle easily out of things that bind you. Adept 0% - Defence, makes WRITHE commands faster
You are able to manipulate your body such to the point that you can wriggle out of things that bind 
you with increased speed.
Flight Soar free on the wings of your music. Adept 33% Flute Targets ally, allows them to FLY/LAND while the song lasts
Syntax: SING FLIGHT <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a flute
The Song of Flight grants one the ability to fly for a short time.
Duet Become a one person orchestra! Adept 66% - Passive ability, allows wielding/playing of instruments without consuming equilibrium
Your skill at playing instruments has increased to the point so that you may now wield and play an 
instrument without using equilibrium.
Disharmony Pitch your performance in such a way to damage vibrations. Skilled 0% Panpipes Targets room, periodically destroys Mage vibrations
Requires: Playing a set of panpipes
Unlike most songs, this song is bound to a room, rather than a person. This song will periodically 
attempt to destroy crystalline vibrations.
Corescate A song to increase mental activity. Skilled 33% Mandolin Targets ally, increases Intelligence while song is active
Syntax: SING CORESCATE <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a mandolin
The Song of Corescation will temporarily increase the intelligence of the one that it is bound to.
Befuddle Confuse your enemy, make yourself harder to hit! Skilled 66% - Defence, ?
While weaving a befuddling and confusing dance, you can make yourself more difficult to hit.
Juggling Astound your friends! Dazzle your foes! Gifted 0% - Allows juggled items to be thrown with reduced balance cost
  JUGGLE <item>
You may juggle up to two items at once, or three if you have reached Transcendent Thespia. Once you 
are juggling, you may throw the items you're juggling at a greatly decreased cost in balance. 
JUGGLED will show you what, if anything, you are juggling.
Empower A song to increase physical strength. Gifted 33% Drum Targets ally, increases Strength while song is active
Syntax: SING EMPOWER <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a drum
The Song of Empowerment will temporarily increase the target's strength.
Requiem Pay homage to the dead through your music. Gifted 66% Panpipes Targets ally, gives health and song duration bonus whenever they kill an NPC
Syntax: SING REQUIEM <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a set of panpipes
The Requiem of Souls will allow you to draw health from the corpses of players you have slain. The 
amount of health that will be restored to you automatically upon the death of your target will be 
dependent on how many songs are affecting your target at the time of his/her death.
Additionally, the Requiem will increase the length of all songs bound to yourself whenever you slay 
a creature.
Serendipity Play multiple instruments at once. Expert 0% - Passive ability, allows playing two instruments at once
Your skill at playing instruments is such that you can now play two instruments at once.
Circles Specialize in the Bardic Arts. Expert 0% - Once every two Imperian years, select a passive benefit from specialisation.
Usage CHOOSE CIRCLE <circle>
There are six different circles you may select from. You may choose a new circle after 24 months.
Authors can use sketch abilities 20% faster.
Artists will enjoy crafting 20% faster than other bards.
Dancers will recieve an additional 50% bonus to befuddle.
Musician's songs will last 10% longer.
Singers will resonate better with the primordial notes, transferring the effect at a higher speed.
Actors can TRUEFEIGN anyone they are currently mimicing. This has a significant mana, willpower and 
endurace drain. For example, if you are mimicing Baar and do TRUEFEIGN KICK JANUS, it would look as 
if Baar has kicked Janus, when in fact you have.
Earthquake Cause the very ground to obey the power of music. Expert 33% Drum and panpipes Targets room, knocks players to the ground and crumbles stonewalls
Requires: Playing an oaken drum and a set of panpipes
This song will cause the very earth itself of the room you are in to shake and tremble, causing 
anyone in it to fall and stonewalls to crumble to the ground.
Enliven A song to increase one's speed of movement. Expert 66% Flute Targets ally, increases Dexterity while song is active
Syntax: SING ENLIVEN <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a flute
The Song of Enlivenment will temporarily increase the target's dexterity.
Bedazzlement Bedazzle your foes with your hypnotic dance. Virtuoso 0% Flute and mandolin Targets enemy, ?
Syntax: SING BEDAZZLEMENT <target>
Requires: Playing a flute and a mandolin
This dazzling song will cause your target to be afflicted with a variety of afflictions which will 
hamper movement.
Songbird Summon a loyal companion to accompany you. Virtuoso 33% - Summons a pet that periodically restores health or mana to an ally
        SONGBIRD SING <person>/ME
You may summon a loyal songbird to you, which, when singing to a specific person, will provide a 
variety of beneficial effects.
Awakening Stave off sleep. Virtuoso 66% Drum and flute Targets ally or room, ?
Syntax: SING AWAKENING <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a drum and a flute
This rousing song will prevent you from going to sleep for very long, and also has the potential to 
cause the very earth itself to give up ancient secrets.
Waymark Step across great distances with a simple song. Fabled 0% Harp Mark up to 5 rooms to which you can then teleport
        MARKS HERE
Requires: Playing a harp
You have the ability to lay your mark upon five different rooms, which you can then use the music of 
your harp to travel to at any given moment. MARKS will show you which marks you currently have, and 
PURGE WAYMARK will allow you to purge an existing waymark in the room.
Geis Reuse your offensive songs. Fabled 33% Flute and harp Targets room, ?
Requires: playing a flute and a harp
The Geis is a powerful song bound to a room. Normally, if an individual dies, any offensive songs 
bound to him or her are lost. If a Geis exists in the room, however, it is capable of capturing 
these songs before they can be lost.
Once the songs have been captured, the Bard can instantly bind them to another target by using any 
Voice attack against that target.
The Geis can capture multiple songs of the same type, and it can even capture songs sung by others. 
The following songs can be captured by the Geis: Revelation, Dissonance, Lullaby, Bedazzlement.
Fortify A song to increase one's constitution. Fabled 66% Drum and mandolin Targets ally, increases Constitution while the song is active
Syntax: SING FORTIFY <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a drum and a mandolin
The Song of Fortification will temporarily increase the target's constitution.
Assumption Assume the form of anyone you study. Mythical 0% - Passive ability, ?
Your skill in Thespia is such that when observed more carefully, most people will see you as the 
person you are mimicking.
Battlemarch The adrenaline of battle prevents fear. Mythical 25% Panpipes Targets ally, ?
Syntax: SING BATTLEMARCH <target>/ME
Requires: Playing a set of panpipes
This song will prevent its target from feeling most fear related affects, as well as prevent them 
from rushing heedlessly into battle.
Feignwalk The master of disguise. Mythical 50% - Defence, ?
Usage: FEIGNWALK <on|off>
If you are mimicing another player, you will appear as this person while moving. Beware of the high 
endurance drain.
Lamia Force hostile creatures to defend you. Mythical 75% Flute Targets all loyal creatures attacking the bard, turns them hostile against their controllers
Requires: Playing a flute
This song will periodically cause any loyal creatures in the room that the song is sung in that are 
attacking the singer of this song to begin to attack their owner, instead.
CruelLament A true manifestation of the power of music. Transcendent - Harp Targets enemy, ?
Syntax: SING CRUEL LAMENT <target>
Requires: playing a harp
The Cruel Lament is a very powerful song. Once your voice is resonating with the power of any of the 
three primordial notes, you are able to sing the song of the Cruel Lament at your current target. 
This will have two effects: the target's resonance with the -other- two notes will be increased at a 
halved rate, and the target will become much more suspectible to Voice damage. The Shaite and Rubait 
power words will inflict more damage, based on how many afflictions from the Nuarinyu, Innyo, and 
Kiyan power words the target is suffering with.
The duration of this effect depends on how well the target is resonating with the chosen primordial