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Magick Circle
Voice • Thespia • Artistry


Voice has long been the subject of debate, questioning exactly how simple words can affect reality itself. Ancient research suggests that the Words of Voice are actually fragments of the Language of Creation, spoken by the Gods themselves and to which all reality resonates. Many years of study have uncovered but a handful of these fragments, and indeed the mortal mind is incapable of processing the entirety of the Language. The Language, known among mortals whom use Voice as the Art, allows mortals to alter a tiny fragment of reality, describing it as they desire, and within the context of the Word they use, that change comes about. Whilst their abilities pale in comparison to the Divine, they can alter reality around them in ways that few mortals could even dream.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Luos Inept 0 Your voice brings light.
Nulous Novice 0 Pull shadows into the room.
Ka Novice 50 Locate people across the land.
Llan Apprentice 0 Heal yourself with a single word
Irayana Apprentice 37 Greatly increase plant growth.
Rubait Capable 20 Cause great pain in your foe.
Kiyan Capable 60 Pacify the angry.
Mellaon Adept 0 Bring sleep to those who hear it.
Sianllan Adept 25 Heal another of their wounds.
Arinyu Adept 50 The power to heal afflictions.
Kawis Skilled 0 Knock them to the ground.
Nuarinyu Skilled 25 Afflict those whom hear this terrible word.
Gyin Skilled 50 Force them to bow to your will.
Yoth Skilled 75 Catch your foe by the throat.
Daemos Gifted 0 Shatter the shield of your foe.
Iluma Gifted 33 Locate items about the land.
Maimra Gifted 66 Cause pain to all whom hear this.
Chamine Expert 0 Randomly damages vibes, runes, rites.
Circles Expert 0 Specialize in the Bardic Arts.
Karinyu Expert 33 Diagnose the afflictions of others.
Ravsafa Expert 66 Understand languages of other races.
Myried Virtuoso 0 Stun your foe with sound.
Shaite Virtuoso 33 Cause massive damage.
Ramallan Virtuoso 66 Heal everyone in the room.
Muamte Fabled 0 Cause random afflictions.
Briah Fabled 50 Sound waves send everyone to adjoining room.
Zriku Mythical 0 Send your voice to another room.
Hukui Mythical 25 Speak in the voice of another.
Oyiem Mythical 50 Shift afflictions with your foe.
Zimzum Mythical 75 Voice so skilled that your lips needn't move.
Kantae Transcendent 0 Turn your audience to stone.