Wyrmriding (skill)

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Anti-Magick Circle
Trailblazing • Wyrmriding • Hunting


The ability of riding a mighty icewyrm is exclusive to the Outrider profession. Those skilled in this art can fly upon their draconic steed, observe distant lands, and even hoist their helpless targets. Furthermore, the skill teaches how to fight atop the icewyrm with a spear or a trident, combining the lethal power of the beast and the Outrider.

When you obtain the skill of Wyrmriding, you are given the choice between the spear and trident proficiency. Spear and trident are exactly the same for the purposes of the skill, so choose whichever you prefer. CHOOSE SPEAR or CHOOSE TRIDENT. The choice is irreversible.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Icewyrm - - Summon and control the mighty icewyrm.
Heal - - Restore your icewyrm's strength.
Stab - - Attack with your chosen weapon.
Fly - - Spur your icewyrm skyward.
View - - Gaze from above, spotting those out of cover.
Quickmount - - Mount and dismount your icewyrm more easily.
Icebreath - - Attack with your icewyrm's frosty breath.
Trip - - Knock your opponent to the ground.
Roar - - Your icewyrm's bellow disorients your opponents.
Pierce - - Puncture the auras that would protect your opponents.
Charge - - Surge in from an adjacent room, weapon ready.
Drag - - Pull an impaled foe behind you.
Envenom - - Coat a weapon in toxins.
Icecoat - - T hick ice will enhance your weapons.
Iceblast - - Fire your icewyrm's breath in a projectile.
Icewall - - Erect walls of sturdy ice.
Frostheart - - Ruin your foe's resistance to the cold.
Track - - Seek an enemy from the skies.
Ambush - - Fling yourself at an enemy from the skies.
Bloodscent - - Your icewyrm will inform you of flowing blood.
Stability - - Bolster your attacks with your wyrm's strength.
Crumble - - Order your icewyrm to crumble an icewall.
Hoist - - Pluck an unsuspecting foe from the ground.
Smash - - Smack your foe upside the head.
Batter - - Beat your foe about the head and neck.
Blacken - - Your wyrm's bile is worse than its bite.
Longslash - - Target arteries with a brutal strike.
Gorge - - Your mighty beast will feed on your foes.
BloodFreeze - - Punish your enemy with their unclotted claret.
Deluge - - Use your enemies' auras against them.
Intercept - - Disable those who would attempt to flee.
Shatter - - Obliterate a well-chilled foe.