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Anti-Magick Circle
Trailblazing • Wyrmriding • Hunting


Hunting is a skill composed of four types of abilities:

Setting traps
Summoning animal guardians
Weapon abilities
Survival abilities


- Each trap is constructed of commodities. When laying a trap, you must have
  the required commodities (listed in the AB HELP files) in your inventory.
- Traps get laid in directions. The general syntax is LAY <trap> <direction>.
- Traps are set off _only_ by those on your enemies list. They will be set
  off when someone either enters or leaves the room by the direction you
- Some traps will stop movement when sprung. For instance, if you are leaving
  a room with a snare trap in it set to the direction you are leaving, you
  will set off the snare before you leave the room, and it will prevent you
  from moving.

Animal Guardians

- The animals you summon may be ordered about with the commands in
- If you leave Imperian and do not come back quickly, they will disappear back
  into the forest.
- You may call your summoned animals to you with CALL ANIMALS.
- You can dismiss you animals with DISMISS <animal>.

Weapon Abilities

- When you gain the skill of hunting, you are given the axe proficiency and
  given the choice between the spear and trident proficiency. Spear and
  trident are exactly the same for the purposes of Hunting, so choose
  whichever you prefer. CHOOSE SPEAR or CHOOSE TRIDENT. The choice is

Survival Abilities

- These abilities assist you in surviving out on your own.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Hide Inept 0 Conceal yourself in the shadows.
Swinging Novice 0 Swing up into the trees to evade the enemy.
Traps Apprentice 0 The ability to search for traps in your location.
Dart Apprentice 0 A trap that shoots out a poisoned dart at its victim.
Affinity Capable 0 Create an affinity with the natural world.
Fox Capable 0 Summon a lithe vixen to attack your enemies.
Coyote Capable 0 Summon a cunning coyote to attack your enemies.
Ocelot Capable 0 Summon a striped ocelot to attack your enemies.
Barkskin Capable 40 Make your skin tough like bark.
Trip Adept 0 Knock an unruly foe to the ground.
Snare Adept 50 Trap your enemies like the stupid beasts they are.
Lemming Skilled 0 Summon a suspiciously helpful lemming to your aid.
Ferret Skilled 0 Summon a helpful ferret to your side.
Tamarin Skilled 0 Summon a helpful tamarin to your side.
Returning Skilled 40 The ability to throw an axe such that it will return.
Firstaid Skilled 70 Use your knowledge of healing to reduce bleeding.
Disarm Skilled 90 Attempt to disarm a trap.
Noose Gifted 33 A trap to strangle your enemies.
Bowmanship Gifted 50 Use of the valued projectile weapon.
Raven Gifted 66 Call a raven to aid you in combat.
Hawk Gifted 66 Call a red-tailed hawk to aid you in combat.
Bat Gifted 66 Call a black bat to aid you in combat.
Wind Gifted 83 Further increase your accuracy through wind compensation.
Catapult Expert 0 A trap that will throw your enemies out of the room.
Aiming Expert 12 Increase your accuracy in shooting.
Campfire Expert 25 Build a campfire to soothe the body and soul.
Badger Expert 50 Call for the aid of a very grumpy badger.
Antelope Expert 50 Call for the aid of a pronghorn antelope.
Anteater Expert 50 Call for the aid of a bristly anteater.
Clothesline Expert 75 A trap that will rip open the jugular of a victim.
Alarm Expert 87 Put an alarm on a trap.
Grab Virtuoso 33 Use an axe to pull someone in from a nearby room.
Impale Virtuoso 44 Impale attackers on a spear or trident.
Dustbomb Fabled 9 Numb the senses of this trap's victims.
Butterfly Fabled 36 Summon a butterfly to assist you in combat.
Sparrow Fabled 36 Summon a small sparrow to assist you in combat.
Eagle Fabled 36 Summon a sleek eagle to assist you in combat.
Horseshoe Fabled 63 A trap that stuns its victims with a blow to the head.
Thornspray Fabled 81 Attack your enemies with a flurry of flying thorns.
Ridebyshot Mythical 0 Shoot as you ride through.(Outrider Only)
Conceal Mythical 30 Conceal the nature of a trap's effect.
Spinning Mythical 53 Set up a defensive shield with a spear or trident.
Wolf Mythical 76 Call the mighty grey wolf to your side.
Cheetah Mythical 76 Call the swift cheetah to your side.
Panther Mythical 76 Call the sleek black panther to your side.
Darts Transcendent 0 A trap to quickly overload an enemy with poisons.
Evolution Transcendent 0 Develop an extended affinity with the land.