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Crusaders Devoted to protecting Antioch from the spread of evil and the taint of magick.
Idras These survivalists of Ithaqua study the principles of subtlety, discipline, and mastery.
Sentinels Aided by the spirits of Ithaqua, they are dedicated to the preservation of the way of the wilds.
Wardancers Their use of a beguiling fighting style makes these warriors of Antioch a formidable opponent.
Wardens Staunchly opposed to the use of magick, they ward the world against all threats from their home in Ithaqua.
Animists They hold a love and respect for Nature while maintaining their involvement with civilization.
Bards Uniquely attuned to the Song of the World, the Bards wield great power contained in story and song.
Silvari They watch over Nature and the wilds, nurturing it and protecting the precious balance of life.
Spectres A private attack force historically utilized by the city of Kinsarmar, often striking from the shadows.
Stormweavers Seekers of knowledge and understanding, they learn best through observation and experimentation.
Vindicators With a focus on combat mastery, they are steadfast in their dedication to Kinsarmar and the use of magick.
Wraithweald A mysterious group of summoners and cultists found in the dark forest of Khandava.

There are many guilds that have been dissolved or merged together throughout the years - a complete listing of those former guilds can be found here.