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☾ Welcome to the Imperian Wiki ☽
the comprehensive reference written and maintained by the players.

What is the Wiki?
▫ A player-written and player-maintained encyclopedia for the world of Imperian.
▫ A compendium of history, mythology, geography, and other studies of Imperian.
▫ A place where new and old explorers alike can share and expand their knowledge.

What is the Wiki not?
▫ It is not intended for the Wiki to replace Imperian's web site or in-game resources, but rather to supplement them. We won't be simply repeating web pages or help files here, unless there's something to be gained by collecting or annotating them.
▫ There will still be much in Imperian not accessible here, such as the intricacies of private organizations and clans.
▫ As aforementioned, the Wiki is player-maintained, so some of the information here might not be considered canon; and while we try to keep it accurate and current, it isn't guaranteed to always be complete or up to date.

How do I use the Wiki?
▫ Search to find any topic or keyword.
▫ Look over the menu of topics on the sidebar to browse the site.
▫ See what's been changed or added recently in the Recent Changes page.