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Main article: Warding abilities
A person who studies the art of Warding learns how to manipulate a polearm to its fullest potential. Years spent training in hostile surroundings allows one utilizing Warding to display many innovative skills in combat, whether tearing a foe to pieces with a glaive or javelin or vaulting over obstacles.

This is the primary skillset of the Amazon and is balance-based. It revolves around the use of Quickjab to adminster two toxins at once, generally combined with Targeting to setup enemy limbs. Contains nearly all of the class' damaging attacks, as well as a handful of limb specific attacks such as PierceLimb. Many of these are situational when compared to the ever-present quickjab. Requires the use of Powersoul (reached at transcendent) for maximum efficiency.


Main article: Bowmanship abilities
The artistry of Bowmanship has two purposes. The first allows an individual to fashion a complex variety of arrows with a multitude of functions. It also allows the crafter the ability to fashion one's own bow for a number of purposes. The second part of it ensures the individual becomes a master of distance with the variety of skills and abilities for a bow and arrow. A true user of the bow harnesses the ability to shoot a target over a vast distance or even how to shoot two arrows at once.

This is the secondary skillset of the Amazon and is also balance-based. It revolves around the use of a bow for ranged combat (area-wide and room-to-room) but also for in-room archery. Arrows have many useful effects such as shield breaking/stun, entangles, delivering toxins, and the ever fearsome incendiary arrow.


Main article: Trailblazing abilities
Trailblazing encompasses the skill of the survivalist. When an individual treks the vast unknown, they rely on themselves and the wilderness to sustain them. Traveling for days on end for a specific cause, or merely to survive in the harsh wilderness forces a person to develop skills and abilities to protect them.

A utility skillset for Amazons that contains many useful skills that range from making the Amazon more durable, such as Bounty and Barkskin, to skills that allow the creation of elixirs or toxins depending on the user's choice. Also features Mark Return to escape and other 'ranging' themed utilities like Scout, building Encampments, and Camouflage.


  • Javelins:
    • a truesilver javelin - 10% bonus to damage
    • a reinforced mithril javelin - 15% bonus to damage
    • a Swiftviper javelin - 20% bonus to damage