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Anti-Magick Circle
Warding • Bowmanship • Trailblazing


Anti-Magick Circle
Warding • Bowmanship • Trailblazing

A person who studies the art of Warding learns how to manipulate a polearm to its fullest potential. Years spent training in hostile surroundings allows one utilizing Warding to display many innovative skills in combat, whether tearing a foe to pieces with a glaive or javelin or vaulting over obstacles.

Name Rank Percent Description
Tipslash Inept 0 Slash with the tip of your weapon.
Legsweep Inept 50 Knock your opponent to the ground.
Shieldbash Novice 0 Hit your target in the face with your shield.
Pierce Novice 33 Break through your target's defences.
Block Novice 66 Obstruct departures with your body.
Thrust Apprentice 0 Violently thrust your weapon into your opponent.
Barge Apprentice 33 Barge your opponents out of their location.(Ranger only.)
Battlecry Apprentice 33 Stun your opponents with a violent scream.(Amazon only.)
Highjump Apprentice 66 Jump into the trees above you.
Vault Capable 0 Use your weapon to vault yourself over obstructions.
Dive Capable 33 Dive down from the trees at your unlucky target.
Prod Capable 66 Rattle the trees above you with your weapon.
Quickjab Adept 0 Strike your target twice with the tip of your weapon.
Lunge Adept 25 A deep, piercing blow from an adjacent location.
Impale Adept 50 Sink your weapon deep into an opponent.
Counter Adept 75 Counter-attack after a successful parry.
Arrowcatch Skilled 0 Deftly catch arrows targetted at you.
Buttstrike Skilled 20 Knock your foe unconscious with the blunt end.
Deflect Skilled 40 Deflect the next oncoming physical attack.
Rake Skilled 60 Viciously slash your targets, knocking them to the ground.
Treelunge Skilled 80 Impale your target from the trees.
Envenom Gifted 0 Coat a weapon in venoms.
Flintlight Gifted 25 Set the tip of your weapon on fire.(Ranger only.)
Groinkick Gifted 25 Hit the men where it hurts the most.(Amazon only.)
Scar Gifted 50 Render your target unrecognisable with a slash to the face.
Hafting Gifted 75 Shorten your weapon, making it faster.
Balancing Expert 0 Stay on your feet.
Piercelimb Expert 25 Thrust your weapon into the limbs of your opponents.
Longtoss Expert 50 Launch your javelin at distant targets.(Amazon only.)
Lanyard Expert 75 Recover your weapon from great distances.
Strangle Virtuoso 0 Choke the life out of a target with the haft of a weapon.
Fend Virtuoso 25 Hit two targets at once with the business end of a weapon.
Violentblock Virtuoso 50 Hold back those would pass by you with a shove of a weapon.
Volley Virtuoso 75 Throw a series of weapons at your target.
Ram Fabled 0 Take down everyone in a room.
Wedge Fabled 25 Prepare yourself for the entry of your opponents.
Beastbane Fabled 50 Slay an enemy's loyal creatures with one blow.
Footsmash Fabled 75 Throw your opponent further off balance.
Lockup Mythical 0 Prevent your enemy from fleeing you.
Headbutt Mythical 9 Head... Meet face.(Ranger only.)
Bashimpale Mythical 25 Take advantage of a prone enemy.
Spinning Mythical 50 Spin your weapon to avoid attack.
Disembowel Mythical 75 Violently rip your weapon from your target.
PowerSoul Transcendent 0 Summon battle prowess from deep inside you.


 TIPSLASH <target> [limb] [toxin]

The most basic Warding attack, you will lash out with a quick slash of your weapon, delivering minor damage and a toxin from the tip of your weapon.

When used against another player, you can optionally specify a toxin to envenom the weapon with before attacking. This requires you to have a vial of that toxin and the Envenom ability.


 LEGSWEEP <target>

Using the haft of your weapon, you will attempt to sweep your target's legs and knock him/her to the ground.

This will prone a mobile, stopping it from attacking or moving for a short period of time.


 SHIELDBASH <target>

Bringing your shield crashing down on your opponent will cause a good deal of damage, as well as the possibility of afflicting your target with a mental affliction. The larger the shield, the more debilitating the effects of the affliction can be.


 PIERCE <target>

With this ability, you may pierce through your opponent's translucent shield or aura of rebounding.


 BLOCK <direction>

This ability will allow you to prevent movement out of your room in a specific direction.


 THRUST <target> [toxin 1] [toxin 2]

A slower, more damaging attack than the tipslash. In addition if you have targetted a bodypart, you will follow up the initial strike with an additional hit.

When used against other player, you can optionally specify one or two toxins to envenom the weapon with before attacking. This requires you to have vials with those toxins and the Envenom ability.


 BARGE <target> <direction>

If your target is an adjacent location, you may rush quickly into his/her room, and shove him with you into the specified direction.


 BATTLECRY <player>

Your battle cry is so powerful that when directed against another, it will blast him to the ground, provided he is not deaf. If the target is already on the ground, the attack will stun him.

This ability can be used off-balance.

This will prone a mobile, stopping it from attacking or moving for a short period of time.



Using your powerful leg muscles, you can propel yourself into the trees.


 VAULT <direction>

Using the haft of your weapon, you can vault through the air over obstructions that would block your movement.


 DIVE AT <player>

If you are in the trees, you can dive down from them. Optionally, you can dive down at a specific target, striking them with your body and knocking them to the ground with you.



Using your weapon, you can vigorously prod the trees around you, knocking down any who might be attempting to hide in them.


 QUICKJAB/QJAB <target> [limb|nothing] [toxin 1] [toxin 2]

Deliver two quick blows with the tip of your weapon.

When used against another player, you can optionally specify a limb to strike, and/or two toxins to envenom the weapon with before attacking. This requires you to have vials of those toxins and the Envenom ability.

If you target nothing, instead of a limb, it will override any limb target you may have already set.


 LUNGE <target>

Starting off in an adjacent location, you may lunge towards your target, scoring a blow with the tip of your weapon.


 IMPALE <target>

If your target is on the ground or encumbered in some way, you may run him/her through with the tip of your weapon. He/she will continuously take damage until you WITHDRAW your blade or he/she writhes free.



While this defence is active, you will automatically counter-attack should you successfully parry an attack.



This ability will allow you to pluck arrows aimed at you from the air before they strike their target. The mental alertness required to do this will constantly drain your mana.



This ability will cause significant head damage to your target.



This defence will allow you to block the next physical attack directed at you. Using your weapon for any other purpose will cause you to lose this defence.


 RAKE <target>

An improvement on the legsweep, this attack will cause damage in addition to knocking your target to the ground.



If you are in the trees above your target, you may attempt to drop down on them from above and impale them with your weapon. This ability will take some time to successfully perform, and your target cannot move during the process.


 ENVENOM <weapon> with <toxin>
 ENVENOM <amount> ARROWS WITH <toxin>
 WIPE <weapon>

With this ability, you may layer toxins on an edged weapon. Each time that weapon hits somebody, one toxin will poison your opponent, and disappear from the weapon. They work on a last-on, first-off basis, so if you put aspartame on a weapon, and then put cyanide on, the cyanide would come off first, and the aspartame second. You must have the selected toxin in a vial in your inventory. In order to get rid of the toxins on a weapon, simply WIPE <weapon>.


  FLINTLIGHT <weapon>
  REHEAT <weapon>

Lighting the tip of your glaive on fire will cause some of the attacks delivered with the tip of the weapon to light your target on fire. However, this will greatly damage the weapon. Reheating a glaive that is still on fire will increase the length of its effect, at no cost to the weapon.


 GROINKICK <target>

This embarrassing attack will cause damage to the unlucky male who is on the receiving end, as well as cause all rational thought to be impossible for a short while.


 SCAR <target>

This ability will cause your target to become horribly ugly and will cause his/her loyal companions to turn on him/her. Your target will have to apply a mending salve to cure the scarring.


 HAFT <weapon>

Shortening the long haft of a weapon will cause it to do less damage, but it will be faster and easier to wield.

When used on an artifact weapon, the hafting can be reverted using UNHAFT <weapon>. For regular weapons, the change is permanent.



This ability will aid you in dodging attacks that would knock you to the ground.


 PIERCELIMB|PLIMB <target> <limb>

This slow attack will cause a good deal of damage to a target's limb.


 LONGTOSS <target>

If your target is in a line-of-sight location from you, you may toss your glaive or javelin at them. This attack will destroy your target's shield or prismatic barrier.



Using one rope commodity, you can attach a lanyard to your weapon such that if the weapon leaves your hands, you can pull it back to you instantly. If you move out of the area while your weapon is not with you, the rope will snap.


 STRANGLE <target>

If your target is on the ground or encumbered in some way, you may begin to strangle him/her with the haft of your weapon. While you are strangling, you cannot do anything else. The strangling will continue until your target writhes free of your grasp.


 FEND OFF <target 1> AND <target 2>
 FEND OFF <mob target> 2

Primarily a defensive technique, this ability will help you attack multiple targets at once. This first target will be hit with a quick jab of the tip of your weapon, while the second will be delivered a blow from the haft.

If you are targetting multiple mobs, you can use fend to hit both of them with a slightly easier syntax. For example, if there are two orcs in the room, you can use FEND OFF ORC 2 to hit two separate orcs.


If a person on your enemies list attempts to move in a direction you are blocking, you will throw the person back with a shove of your weapon.


 VOLLEY AT <target>

This ability will allow you to throw multiple weapons at a target in an adjacent location. The balance cost of weapons being thrown while you are volleying will be far less than a normal throw. You will continue throwing until you have no more weapons or until you stop volleying.


 RAM <direction>

This ability will allow you to charge into a room, knocking down and stunning all of your enemies in the room who are prone or otherwise hindered.


 WEDGE FOR <target>

You may wedge the haft of your weapon in the ground such that should your target enter the room, he/she will become impaled upon the weapon.


 BEASTBANE <target>

This ability will allow you to disrupt the delicate structure of the unnatural beasts created by magick.


  FOOTSMASH <target>

This ability will knock your opponent off balance. If he/she is in the process of recovering balance already, the effect of this ability will be greatly increased.


 LOCKUP <target>

Using the blunt end of your weapon, you can deliver a quick blow to your target's knees, numbing them. For the next 15 seconds, target's movement attempts will have a 50% chance to not work.



If your target is on the ground as well as encumbered or tied up in some way, you can deliver a quick blow to the head with the haft of your weapon before thrusting the weapon into him/her. The result will be a stunned and impaled target.


 SPIN <weapon>

Spinning your weapon will allow you to automatically counterattack any physical attack directed at you.



If your target is impaled upon your weapon, you can viciously tear it out of him/her, leaving a bloody mess in the weapon's wake.



Summoning forth the battle prowess from within your soul will drastically increase the speed with which you can quickjab your targets, at the cost to damage.