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The skill of Toxins involves the production of various poisons. First, one must prepare a particular venom. Once the poison has been prepared, it can be applied to a weapon, and your foe may be punctured.

It should be pointed out that mobiles will be immune to most toxins.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Preserve Preserving toxins into vials (see AB TOXINS PRESERVE).
Ether Loss of coordination.
Aspartame Blindness.
Atropine Gives the victim delusions of invulnerability.
Mercury Inhibits the respiratory system.
Digitalis Causes unbearable shyness.
Xeroderma Increases photosensitivity.
Luminal Attack the recovery time of health and mana elixirs.
Ciguatoxin A venom of muscular paralysis.
Benzene Shrivel up the arms of your unlucky victim.
Boiling Thicken toxins for use on a sitara.
Strychnine Increase the recipient's sensitivity.
Vitriol Disfigure your victim, causing disloyalty in those around.
Ketamine Shrivel the throat of your foes.
Botulinum Induces spasmodic vomiting.
Chloroform Gives blindness and deafness.
Oxalis Forces vision and hearing to return.
Mazanor Slow the ability to recover herb balance.
Arsenic A toxin that weakens the muscles.
Benzedrine Cause the legs of your victim to become useless.
Oxycodone Attack elemental channels.
Lindane Causes great dizziness.
Butisol Slow salve absorbtion.
Bromine Give the curse of anorexia to your victim.
Cyanide A toxin known to cause death.
Opium Causes severe sleepiness.
Veratrum Drains life essence from the necromancers.
Calotropis Block the ability to absorb herbs.
Formaldehyde An unpredictable toxin.
Psilocybin Randomly change enemy afflictions.
Aconite Cause sheer stupidity in your opponent.
Metrazol Paralyse the limbs of the enemy.
Actinium Forcing your victim back into mortal form.
Noctec Slow balance recovery.
Iodine Causes the recipient to become foully oily.
Hemotoxin Weaken your opponent's immune system.
Mebaral Slow equilibrum recovery.
Toxicology Unparalleled knowledge of toxins.