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Voice has long been the subject of debate, questioning exactly how simple words can affect reality itself. Ancient research suggests that the Words of Voice are actually fragments of the Language of Creation, spoken by the Gods themselves and to which all reality resonates. Many years of study have uncovered but a handful of these fragments, and indeed the mortal mind is incapable of processing the entirety of the Language. The Language, known among mortals whom use Voice as the Art, allows mortals to alter a tiny fragment of reality, describing it as they desire, and within the context of the Word they use, that change comes about. Whilst their abilities pale in comparison to the Divine, they can alter reality around them in ways that few mortals could even dream.

Comprised of various utility, damage, and affliction skills, Voice is a Bard's main arsenal. In PvP, a Bard focuses on gaining resonance by undeafing his or her opponent while applying afflictions and eventually finishes with damage. In PvE, the Bard can utilize both damage and healing at the same time.


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Music itself has long been popular among mortals, and since the Awakening, has taken on a new importance. The very ethereal tides of Magick released at that time seem to respond to certain vibrations, such as that of sound. By playing instruments and matching the sounds made with ones voice, the ripples of magick can be redirected to cause many different effects, from travel to healing, from giving strength to calming the angry. Music indeed can soothe the savage beast, but music now may also slay it.

Composed of a plethora of passive songs requiring instruments to be played, the Bard gains most of his or her defenses from this skillset such as Flight and Warding for PvE. A handful of offensive songs such as Revelation and the ever important Cruel Lament are critical in PvP, allowing the Bard some breathing room in certain combat situations.


Main article: Artistry abilities
The art of crafting has been present in Aetherius for countless years, from the simple making of letters for writing, to journals for recording histories, to crafting beautiful instruments to bring music to the masses. Artistry allows many mundane things to be created, for use across the world. Yet there are also certain artesian creations that have more esoteric abilities, and though the secrets of their very construction involve symbols and components that can effect the wave of magickal tides are not known to those outside of the profession, it is known that masters of their craft can create paintings which can capture the very essence of their subject, allowing them to possess certain abilities of their originator. From the mundane letter to the marvellous portraits, the abilities of true masters of crafting are without parallel.

Mainly a utility skillset, Artistry contains a Bard's ability to paint portaits, craft books, and fashion letters. Sketches are helpful with certain situations such as walls and escaping conflict. For PvP purposes, sketch's afflictions help push for successful victories.


  • a Harp of the Harmonies - Allows a Bard to play any Thespia song without the use of any other instruments.
  • a small silver papermill - Allows a Bard to create 50 pieces of paper with just 10 wood commodities.
  • a truesilver quill - Allows a Bard to create sketches with 100 attacks.
  • a Torc of Enunciation - Increases the duration of the Yoth Voice attack by 50%.
  • a Mark of the Patron Lord - Can be attached to an instrument, making it resetting and non-decay, as well as increasing song length by 40% (for songs requiring one instrument) and 20% (for songs requiring two instruments).