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Demonic Circle
Curses • Runelore • Shamanism

Curses draw upon the Illwill of the mysterious Spirits of Aetherius for their power. Using their knowledge of the Spirits, the Wytchen are able to channel that Illwill against their opponents, cursing them with a variety of afflictions ranging from mind-numbing fear to life-threatening plague. It should be noted that the only curse that works against mobiles is 'Bleed'.

Unless stated otherwise, the syntax for using curses is CURSE <target> <curse>.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Fear Inept 0% Instill great fear in your target.
Deaf Novice 0% Dampen an opponent's hearing.
Impatience Apprentice 0% Inability to concentrate on focused tasks.
Clumsy Capable 0% Your victim will fumble about.
Vertigo Capable 60% A devastating fear of heights.
Bleed Adept 0% Curse your opponent with uncontrollable bleeding.
Amnesia Adept 25% Make your victim forget what he meant to do.
Agoraphobia Adept 50% Fear of open spaces.
Breach Adept 75% Cut through an opponent's curseward.
Dizzy Skilled 0% Causes problems when trying to move.
Claustrophobia Skilled 40% Fear of being under cover.
Paranoia Skilled 70% They are out to get you, believe me.
Blind Gifted 0% Curse an opponent with blindness.
Masochism Gifted 33% The love of your own pain.
Asthma Gifted 66% Creates difficulty when breathing.
Truecurse Expert 0% The ability to drive your curses through translucent shields.
Reckless Expert 25% A dangerous disregard for personal well-being.
Epilepsy Expert 50% Disrupt the nervous system of your victim.
Manaleech Expert 75% Cause the victim's mana to bleed away.
Peace Virtuoso 0% Fill your enemy's mind with thoughts of peace.
Dementia Virtuoso 22% Distorts the victim's perceptions of the world.
Numbness Virtuoso 44% Numb the limbs of your enemy.
Plague Virtuoso 66% Curse someone with the cyanide affliction.
Addiction Virtuoso 88% Creates an addiction to elixirs.
*Swiftcurse Fabled 9% The ability to deliver curses much more quickly.
Stupid Fabled 27% Make a victim dumb as a rock.
Healthleech Fabled 45% A victim's health will slowly bleed away.
Curseward Fabled 63% Erect a barrier against curses.
Sensitivity Fabled 81% Cause your victim to become extremely sensitive to pain.
Vomiting Mythical 0% Upset the stomach of your enemy.
Sleep Mythical 23% Put an enemy to sleep, or remove his sleep defences.
Anorexia Mythical 46% A terrible condition, preventing one from eating.
*Steal Mythical 69% Take away your victim's ability to heal.
*Blight Transcendent 100% The most feared of the Curse abilities.