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Demonic Circle
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Magick Circle
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The skill of Runelore revolves around two aspects: Runes and Totems. By sketching various runes on the ground, on yourself, on other people, or on weapons or armour, a variety of beneficial or harmful effects may be achieved. Runes on yourself or another will work automatically, as will runes on weapons and armour. Runes sketched on the ground will either work continuously, once, or when an enemy of yours enters the room. The help file for each ability will specify.

While Runes are a nice supplement to other skills, The true power of Runelore is only unleashed in the Totem. By sketching up to six runes on a Totem, and then either Implanting it, or Standing it, you are able to create a weapon of destruction that can wreak havoc with anyone the Totem is tuned to affect, when that person enters the room.

If you find that you have a rune on yourself, or on one of your items, that you do not want, you may SCRUB OFF <rune> ON ME, or SCRUB OFF <rune> ON <item>.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Kena Inept 0 A rune to inspire fear.
Uruz Novice 0 Heal your allies with earth magick.
Fehu Apprentice 0 Causes sleeping urges.
Pithakhan Capable 0 Attack the mental reserves of your enemies.
Jera Capable 60 A rune to increase the vitality of the bearer.
Inguz Adept 0 A rune with the ability to paralyse.
Wunjo Adept 25 Upon encountering this, an enemy's sight will be returned.
Circle Adept 25 Sketch a circle to empower your runes.
Lagul Adept 50 Increases the ability of a weapon to connect.
Sowulu Skilled 0 Damages the health of enemies.
Algiz Skilled 40 A rune of protection from damage.
Totems Gifted 0 The symbol of the master of Runelore.
Gebu Gifted 33 This rune will increase the blunt protection of armour.
Gebo Gifted 66 A rune to increase the cutting protection of armour.
Gular Expert 0 Drawing on the power of the earth, raise a stone wall.
Raido Expert 25 Summon a spiritual steed to bear you home.
Isa Expert 43 Enable your forgings to possess elemental powers.(Runeguard Only.)
Lagua Expert 50 Increase a weapon's damage.
Hugalaz Expert 75 Call down a hailstorm around you.
Nauthiz Virtuoso Suck the nourishment from your foes.
Carve Virtuoso 33 Scrawl your runes into the flesh of your foes.(Runeguard Only.)
Mannaz Virtuoso 66 Return hearing to a victim.
Sleizak Fabled 0 Afflict a foe with the horrible cyanide poison.
Berkana Fabled 27 Provides health regeneration to the bearer.
Nairat Fabled 54 A rune to beguile and transfix.
Eihwaz Fabled 81 A powerful rite disrupting rune.
Activate Mythical 0 Activate multiple runes at once.
Laguz Mythical 23 Make a weapon magically faster.
Othala Mythical 46 View the status of the runes you have created.
Loshre Mythical 69 Cause an opponent to become afflicted with anorexia.
Implant Transcendent 0 Create a bond between your totem and the earth.
Runemaster Transcendent 0 Empower the runes placed on your body.(Runeguard Only.)