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Demonic Circle
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Shamanism is a blend of necromantic and demonic abilities. Utilising dust obtained from bones, users of Shamanism can inflict many diseases upon their target, part waters, shrink heads, and even restore life to the fallen. Through the powerful Marks of Demon Lords, they can cross great distances, slay their foes instantly, and greatly enhance the power of their Curses.

To remove a Wytch's scrawled Mark you must be in a water room without the Wytch present and not have been hit with with a curse in the last minute, you can then use SCRUB OFF MARK.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Nightsight Inept 0 Use infravision to see in the dark.
BoneDust Novice 0 Grind bones into fine-grained dust.
Freeze Novice 0 Chill your target into inaction.
Paralyse Apprentice 0 Disable the muscles of your target.
Cure Capable 0 Cure that which ails you.
Drain Capable 50 Drain the strength from your foe.
Marks Adept 0 The marks of Demon Lords grant great powers.
Buul Adept 0 The Mark of Buul will hinder your foe.
Disfigure Adept 25 Cause their loyal friends to abandon them.
Part Adept 50 Command the waters to part.
Scrag Adept 75 Let the blood flow freely with the Mark of Scrag.
Reckless Skilled 0 Drive them into a reckless fury.
Arctar Skilled 25 Draw the Mark of Arctar to block their defences.
Assess Skilled 50 Discover the afflictions plaguing your foe.
Disorient Skilled 75 Lack of orientation will make them dizzy.
Choke Gifted 0 Choke the life out of your target.
MarkView Gifted 25 Where are your marks?
Pyradius Gifted 50 Set them on fire with the Mark of Pyradius.
Istria Gifted 75 Travel the world with the Mark of Istria.
Divine Expert 0 Divine the location of your target.
PlantLore Expert 20 Gain knowledge of the plants.
Confound Expert 40 Disrupt the curing ability of your target.
Danaeus Expert 60 The Mark of Danaeus yields the power of the storm.
Sleep Expert 80 They are easier to handle asleep.
Belial Virtuoso 0 Drain life with the Mark of Belial.
Strip Virtuoso 20 Your enemy does not deserve protection.
Slick Virtuoso 40 Cover your target in a slick substance.
Mixing Virtuoso 60 Combine bonedust to inflict two effects at once.
Shrink Virtuoso 80 Preserve the decapitated heads of your enemies.
Ignite Fabled 0 Unleash the power of your Marks.
Marduk Fabled 25 The Mark of Marduk grants the power to slay.
Slow Fabled 50 Slow down your target's perception of time.
Command Fabled 75 Your wish is their command.
Inhibit Mythical 0 He was never very fast anyway.
Hecate Mythical 25 The Mark of Hecate delivers many diseases.
Obstruct Mythical 50 Thwart the escape of your foe.
Resurrect Mythical 75 Restore life to a fallen adventurer.
Cadmus Transcendent 0 Overwhelm your target with the Mark of Cadmus.