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Anti-Magick Circle
Fayth • Devotion • Kanai


Kanai is a skill used by Priests. By focusing upon the power of their faith, Kanai masters are capable of greatly enhancing their offensive strength, provide defensive support for their allies, as well as unleash various attacks upon those who would oppose them or their beliefs.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Fanatism Inept 0 Your faith will guide you to victory.
Knockdown Inept 0 Knock them to the ground.
Burn Novice 0 Consume the heretics with fire.
Righteousness Apprentice 0 By the power of your faith shall you prevail.
Clarity Capable 0 Pray for the speedy recovery of your allies.
Incense Capable 50 Burn incense to further your beliefs.
Violet Capable 50 Burn violet leaves to enhance your inner fire.
Frostshield Adept 0 Bestow frost protection upon the believers.
Primrose Adept 25 Burn primrose to discern the nature of spiritwrack.
Perseverance Adept 50 Pray for improved constitution of your allies.
Push Adept 75 Bring maladies upon those who deserve them.
Willpower Skilled 0 Provide the blessing of willpower regeneration.
Inkburning Skilled 25 Burn inks to empower your attacks.
Stability Skilled 50 Pray for mental stability of your allies.
Demagogy Skilled 75 Expose the heretics for all to see.
Endive Gifted 0 Burn endive to augment your sapping power.
Blackout Gifted 20 Induce a total blackout in your opponent.
Dandelion Gifted 40 Burn dandelion to heal believers at a distance.
Restoration Gifted 60 Pray for health restoration of your allies.
Endurance Gifted 80 Provide the blessing of endurance regeneration.
Curative Expert 0 Burn curative plants to inflict maladies upon others.
Blasphemy Expert 25 Enact punishment upon the magick users.
Thermalshield Expert 50 Bestow thermal protection upon the believers.
Rejuvenation Expert 75 Pray for mental rejuvenation of your allies.
Ensnare Virtuoso 0 Ensnare your opponent in ropes.
Combine Virtuoso 20 Burn multiple ingredients simultaneously.
Myrrh Virtuoso 20 Increase the effect of burned inks.
Shatter Virtuoso 40 Break through shields protecting your target.
Indignation Virtuoso 60 The heretics can harm you no more.
Hyssop Virtuoso 80 Gain insight upon the maladies that you inflict.
Earthshield Fabled 0 Bestow the Earthshield upon the believers.
Quicken Fabled 20 Improve the speed of your attacks.
Supremacy Fabled 40 Smite the wielders of foul magicks like never before.
Obliviousness Fabled 60 Form stronger ties with your faith.
Elation Fabled 80 Pray for improved strength of your allies.
Firebrand Mythical 0 Brand the opponent with the power of fire.
Juniper Mythical 25 Chasten the unbelievers with greater power.
Linseed Mythical 50 Turn the power of your enemy against them.
Purification Mythical 0 Your faith will purify the soul of your foes.
Alacrity Transcendent 0 The ultimate power of a true believer.