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Anti-Magick Circle
Fayth • Devotion • Kanai


Anti-Magick Circle
Chivalry • Devotion • Smithing

Devotion is a statistic that only those with the skill of Devotion possess. To see how much Devotion you have, you may PERFORM ENLIGHTENMENT. Most of the Devotion abilities cost a certain amount of devotion points, and the amount will generally be shown in the help files on the individual abilities.

Gaining Devotion

Gaining more devotion points happens automatically. Once an Imperian month, a person with the skill of Devotion gets a base amount of devotion points.


Devotional rites are created using PERFORM RITE OF <type>. You can also use PERFORM RITE ALL [WARDING] to perform all rites known to you at once. If WARDING is specified as an additional parameter, it will be used instead of the Piety rite.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Enlightenment Inept 0% Look into your soul.
Hands Novice 0% Lay hands on a person to heal him.
Parting Apprentice 0% Water will pull apart to make way for your blessed self.
Truth Capable 20% Dispel illusions with the power of your devotion.
Rites Capable 60% List what rites are active.
Sustenance Adept 0% Your faith will provide for you.
Inspiration Adept 25% Gain an infusion of divinely-inspired strength.
Bliss Adept 50% Give a player a glimpse of paradise.
Frostshield Adept 75% Bestow frost protection upon the believers.
Pilgrimage Skilled 0% Travel to a someone in a Rite of Pilgrimage.
Celerity Skilled 25% Provide the blessing of fast movement.
Lastrites Skilled 33% Pray for the redemption of the dead.
Demoncalm Skilled 66% Attack the foul nature of a demon entity, pacifying it.
Peace Gifted 0% Give peace of soul to someone.
Warding Gifted 33% Drive your enemies off with overwhelming fear.
Force Gifted 66% Make a player follow your wish.
Piety Expert 0% Bind those around you with the force of ultimate piety.
Penance Expert 20% Impose a penance upon a sinner.
Dazzle Expert 40% Confuse and dazzle an opponent.
Thermalshield Expert 50% Bestow thermal protection upon the believers.
Renewal Expert 60% Extend the duration of your rites.
Condemnation Expert 80% Punish your foes with their own sins.
Allsight Virtuoso 0% Gain insight into all movement into and out of holy areas.
Healing Virtuoso 22% A powerful healing ability.
being Virtuoso 44% A rite to keep those nearby fed and rested.
Pause Virtuoso 50% Preserve your holy Rites.
Convocation Virtuoso 66% Call to you someone in a Rite of Convocation.
Revitalization Virtuoso 88% A rite to heal health and mana.
Earthshield Fabled 0% Bestow the Earthshield upon the believers.
Deliverance Fabled 9% Deliver a target unto you.
Seance Fabled 22% Send out a spiritual call to alternate planes.
Cleansing Fabled 36% Rid your enemies of their unclean aspects.
Lustration Inept 0% Purify your forging ores against that which might taint it.
Prayer Fabled 54% Pray for the salvation of your congregation.
Consumption Fabled 63% Consume your rites and restore your devotion.
Banishment Fabled 72% Send the unholy demons back to their hell.
Imbibe Fabled 81% Destroy the blasphemous totems of magick.
Consecration Mythical 0% Pray to the gods to bless the land.
Resurrection Mythical 23% Grant life anew to a slain believer.
Convergence Mythical 38% Summon your existing rites in the land to your side.
Absolution Mythical 46% Grant absolution to an afflicted victim.
Damnation Mythical 53% Curse the eternal soul of your victim.
Flare Inept 0% Cause your rites to inflict pain upon your enemies.
Bracing Mythical 69% Ignore commands that act against your will.
Bloodsworn Mythical 84% Bond with another via a blood oath.
Redemption Transcendent 100% Call on the gods to save thy soul.