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Anti-Magick Circle
Fayth • Devotion • Kanai

The abilities in Fayth revolve around two main things: Holy Seraphs and Spiritual Maces. When you gain the skill of Fayth, you will get a guardian seraph, who will stay with you forever. Generally speaking, your seraph will only act in a defensive capacity, except when it involves demonic Entities. Seraphs and Demons have a long-standing hatred of each other.

Spiritual maces, on the other hand, form the core of a Cleric's offensive ability. By using them in different ways, the Cleric gains the ability to cause damage, smash limbs, and cause a variety of other effects, including the feared Judgement, where a Cleric stands in Judgement of a player. Failing the judgement means death. This is, of course, an ability that only the most powerful of Clerics may perform.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Summon Inept 0 Summon your seraph to your side.
Touch Inept 0 Assess the power of your seraph.
Mace Novice 0 Summon a spiritual mace to aid you.
Shine Novice 0 Cause your Seraphic guardian to radiate light.
Call Apprentice 0 Call your mace to you when you have lost it.
Sear Apprentice 0 Order your seraph to sear an unlucky player.
Aura Apprentice 50 Your seraph will shield you with an aura of protection.
Panic Capable 0 Get the seraph to cause terror in a chosen victim.
Fortify Capable 60 Boost your seraph's power with your own health.
Watch Adept 0 Have your seraph keep watch on your enemies.
Smash Adept 25 Deal a crushing blow to one of your opponent's arms.
Rest Adept 50 Causes your seraph to conserve her power.
Drain Adept 75 Gain health from your seraph.
Heresy Skilled 0 Summon rage at the heretics and hunt them with fervour.
Raze Skilled 20 Burn away the aura of rebounding.
Seek Skilled 60 Have your seraph report on another person.
Mindread Gifted 0 Your seraph reports to you on local conversations.
Beckon Gifted 33 Draws in people from adjacent locations.
Judgement Gifted 66 Pass a sentence of death upon the evil.
Strip Expert 0 Order your seraph to strip a defence from a heretic.
Ripples Expert 25 Your seraph watches for demonic ripples.
Ward Expert 50 Cause fear in most demonic entities.
Banding Expert 75 Bind a weapon to its owner.
Chasten Virtuoso 0 Deal a mind-numbing blow to an enemy.
Presences Virtuoso 22 Searches out all in the local area.
Trace Virtuoso 44 Have your seraph report on someone's movement.
Sanctify Virtuoso 66 Fortify your rites against foul magicks.
Sap Fabled 0 Order your seraph to sap the mental strength of an enemy.
Care Fabled 18 Ask your seraph to cure ailments.
Deflection Fabled 45 Make your Seraphic guardian invincible.
Spiritwrack Fabled 72 Your angel will torture the spirit of your enemies.
Refuge Mythical 0 Have your seraph transport you to a place of safety.
Empathy Mythical 23 Have your seraph heal you regularly.
Power Mythical 46 Increase your seraphs power through use of mana.
Sacrifice Mythical 69 Full restoration of your seraph at great cost to self.
Absolve Transcendent 0 Command your angel to tear the soul from your enemy.