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Much of your life in Imperian will revolve around your skills. Skills are either sets of abilities or a single ability representing how well you do something (like dodge arrows and sword blows, for instance). Typing SKILLS will list which ones you have, and typing HELP <skillname> will give you some more information on each skill. Furthermore, many skills have anywhere from 20 to 50 abilities within the skill. An ability could be an individual spell, or something like a particular type of kick or swordstroke.

You will notice that when you type SKILLS, mention is made of both skills and 'miniskills'. Miniskills differ from skills only in that they take far fewer lessons to master (see HELP LESSONS).

Though the general skills that you start off with are useful, it is the guild-specific skills that make up the core of your character. To gain these sets of skills, all of which will have many abilities in them, you will need to join a guild. You may read more about guilds and classes in section 8.0.

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