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Main article: Sabotage abilities
Sabotage is a diverse skill, encompassing abilities ranging from the secret hand signs which they use to communicate with each other, to archery, the conjuring of illusions, dimensional wormholes, and various stealth and attack abilities.

This is the Assassin's primary skillset for both PvE and PvP. You can either choose to PvE with Garrote or with Puncture. Your primary PvP ability will be Doublestab, which lets you deal two toxins in quick succession, and you can eventually use Garrote to finish off your target. It also contains defensive and infiltration techniques, including the supreme ability of Phase, which lets you walk to practically anywhere in the continent safely, slightly out of phase with reality.


Main article: Spatium abilities
Spatium is mastery over the very nature of space and time is the hallmark strength of the Assassins, as well as their renegade brethren. While the usage of dimensional wormholes has been known for many centuries, it wasn't until the year 647 AD that the previously oft ignored capabilities have been fully explored and their true strength revealed.

Bending the space around them with their will alone, augmented by the power of their magick, wielders of this powerful art are capable of splicing dimensional wormholes between distinct planes of existence to call forth the unique conditions of each, or to bend space and cross great distances with a single step. A true master of wormhole manipulation can even call forth the elemental and demonic creatures that reside within the outer planes.

Spatium is the Assassin's secondary PvP skillset. Attaching your personal wormhole to different planes, it gives you abilities that can be used off-balance in a combo with Doublestab or Puncture, like false herbs that hinder the target's healing or additional afflictions. It also lets you create and use stable wormholes that will let you cross the continent in seconds. The transcendent ability lets you call forth a demonic lamia, which will give you additional offensive abilities.


Main article: Hypnosis abilities
Hypnosis is a science, and it has long been known that our subconscious mind is a powerful force and that it can be influenced in mysterious ways, but until a forgotten Saboteur discovered the principles of Hypnosis, there was no way to use it.

With this skill, an Assassin is able to sink a target into a hypnotic trance, possibly without the target even realising it. The Assassin may then implant various subliminal suggestions, sealing them deep within the target's mind. Implanting a subtle timer, the Assassin then rouses the target from his or her hypnotic trance, waiting for the proper time to trigger the suggestions within the target's mind.

This is generally the Assassin's third PvP skillset. It lets you implant a batch of mental afflictions on a target, which when triggered will fire one by one in regular fashion, allowing you to overwhelm your target.


  • Dirks:
    • an assassin's dirk - Increases the speed of Doublestab by 8%
    • a demon's tooth - Increases the speed of Doublestab by 15%
    • a Shadowfang dirk - Increases the speed of Doublestab by 23%
  • Whips:
    • a bladed whip - 10% bonus to damage
    • a diamond-tipped whip - 15% bonus to damage
    • a Whip of Nemesis' Fury - 20% bonus to damage
  • a Vorpal Knife - Cuts the time it takes to splice and cancel wormholes.
  • a Saboteur's bone - Reduces the base equilibrium cost of warping through wormholes to 1 second.