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Demonic Circle
Sabotage • Spatium • Hypnosis


Magick Circle
Sabotage • Spatium • Hypnosis


Mastery over the very nature of space and time is the hallmark strength of the Assassins, as well as their renegade brethren. While the usage of dimensional wormholes has been known for many centuries, it wasn't until the year 647 AD that the previously oft ignored capabilities have been fully explored and their true strength revealed.

Being the space around them with their will alone, augmented by the power of their magick, wielders of this powerful art are capable of splicing dimensional wormholes between distinct planes of existence to call forth the unique conditions of each, or to bend space and cross great distances with a single step. A true master of wormhole manipulation can even call forth the elemental and demonic creatures that reside within the outer planes.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Wormholes Inept 0 Basic knowledge about dimensional wormholes.
Seek Novice 0 Sense for dimensional wormholes.
Warp Apprentice 0 Open and enter a dimensional wormhole.
Channel Capable 0 Hurl an object through a dimensional wormhole.
Glance Adept 0 Look through the wormhole.
Attach Adept 50 Manipulate a personal wormhole.
Volcano Adept 50 Attach your wormhole to a fiery volcano.
Burn Adept 50 Channel fire through a wormhole.
Tundra Skilled 0 Attach your wormhole to the frozen tundra.
Freeze Skilled 0 Channel freezing cold through a wormhole.
Mask Skilled 33 Conceal your wormhole from detection.
Shadowplant Skilled 66 Conjure a plant made of pure shadows.
Room Gifted 0 Attach your wormhole to another room.
Rashirmir Gifted 50 Attach your wormhole to the Rashirmir.
Choke Gifted 50 Deny air to your victim.
Flight Gifted 75 Call upon your wormhole to propel you into the skies.
Blizzard Ex[ert 0 Invoke a mighty blizzard through a wormhole.
Resonance Expert 25 Allow sounds to resonate through a distant wormhole.
Confound Expert 50 Bewilder the senses of another.
Splice Expert 75 Create a dimensional wormhole.
Sources Virtuoso 0 Sense out all dimensional wormholes.
Obscure Virtuoso 25 Mask the toxins on your dirk.
Tremors Virtuoso 50 Detect attacks on nearby wormholes.
Devour Virtuoso 75 The Dream World is not a place for the living.
Engulf Fabled 0 Surround your enemy in searing flames.
Circular Fabled 25 Create a circular wormhole.
Enthrall Fabled 25 Instantly invoke an implanted malady.
Instill Fabled 50 Some afflictions are more persistent than others.
Cancel Fabled 75 Destroy a stable wormhole.
Wormsnipe Mythical 0 Project arrows through dimensional wormholes.
Vortex Mythical 25 Suck an unwilling target into a wormhole.
Becloud Mythical 50 Conceal your hypnotic suggestions from your victim.
Annihilate Mythical 75 Destroy a troubled mind.
Demonic Transcendent 0 Connect your wormhole to the demonic plane.(Assassin only.)
Demon Transcendent 0 Summon a demonic lamia to your aid.(Assassin only.)
Elemental Transcendent 0 Connect your wormhole to the elemental plane.(Renegade only.)
Phantom Transcendent 0 Summon an ethereal phantom to your aid.(Renegade only.)