Pioneering (skill)

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Magick Circle
Evocation • Naturebinding • Pioneering


Magick Circle
Shapeshifting • Supremacy • Pioneering

Pioneering is a skill used by Druids and formerly shared by Hunters. Its primary focus is survival in the wilderness, and it offers a plethora of abilities designed for this purpose. Additionally, practitioners of this skill are connected to the land to the point where they can imprint their mark at a location of their choosing, creating a peaceful grove.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Bounty Inept 0 Extract the blessings of nature with greater efficiency.
Nightsight Inept 0 Use infravision to see in the dark.
Weathering Novice 0 Immunity to normal weather.
Perceive Apprentice 0 Determine if a location is a grove.
Imprint Capable 0 Choose a location as your grove.
Elevate Capable 33 Ascend into the treetops.
Fitness Capable 66 Control your breathing.
Return Adept 0 Return back to your grove.
Eyes Adept 25 Locate everyone in the same environment as your grove.
Preservation Adept 50 For one year, shield your grove from damage.
Landstriding Adept 75 Travel more quickly through certain environments.
Sever Skilled 0 Erase your imprint permanently from your grove.
Watching Skilled 25 Watch for actions in an adjacent room.
Bandages Skilled 50 Prevent massive blood loss with bandaging.
Camouflage Skilled 75 Blend in with your surroundings.
Vitality Gifted 0 A surge of adrenaline to heal your body when near death.
Keeneye Gifted 20 A heightened sense of hidden paths.
Lifesense Gifted 40 Sense the truth of the landscape around you.
Leap Gifted 60 Safely jump over obstacles.
Alertness Gifted 80 Awareness of your surroundings.
Resistance Expert 0 Reduce the damage taken from magickal attacks.
Might Expert 20 Cure that which ails you.
Block Expert 40 Obstructing departure with your body.
Campfire Expert 60 Build a campfire to soothe the body and soul.
Locate Expert 80 Locate your prey.
Isolation Virtuoso 0 Travel to the Grove of Isolation.
Storage Virtuoso 25 Hide your precious items in your grove.
Befriend Virtuoso 50 Befriend the animals of the wild.
Pursue Virtuoso 75 Gain information about your prey.
Rejuvenate Fabled 0 Bring life back to the blackened forests.
Whitesight Fabled 25 The sixth sense of the Hunter.
Scout Fabled 50 Scout out the area for details.
Gate Fabled 75 Open a gateway of light.
Concealment Mythical 0 Hide all those within your grove from prying eyes.
Mask Mythical 33 Obscure departure from your location.