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Magick Circle
Shapeshifting • Supremacy • Pioneering


The Hunter skill of Supremacy focuses on control of the elusive beasts of lore - basilisks. When transformed into their wyvern forms, Hunters can exert control over a basilisk and use its many unique abilities in combat. The basilisk is a master of mental control, capable of afflicting its foes with a variety of mental afflictions, as well as unleashing a psychic wave so powerful that it melts the brain of its unfortunate victim.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Basilisk Inept 0 Summon the mythical beast.
Fear Inept 0 Instill great fear.
Glance Novice 0 Look through the eyes of the basilisk.
Confusion Apprentice 0 Throw the mind into disarray.
Impatience Capable 0 Inability to concentrate on focused tasks.
Mask Capable 33 Conceal the presence of the basilisk.
Paranoia Capable 66 They really are out to get you, trust me.
Paralyse Adept 0 A very gripping stare indeed.
Masochism Adept 25 Let him do the dirty work himself.
Lash Adept 50 Inflict pain without even touching them.
Probe Adept 75 Reveal the ailments that plague another.
Dementia Skilled 0 Distorted perception of reality.
Traps Skilled 25 Seek out the presence of nearby traps.
Snare Skilled 50 Ensnare them like the stupid beasts they are.
Loneliness Skilled 75 Let them come back for more.
Startle Gifted 0 What was that loud noise?
Sleep Gifted 20 Tired. So very, very tired.
Peace Gifted 40 Can't we all just get along?
Lethargy Gifted 60 They are easier to handle when they're slow.
Negate Gifted 80 He didn't need those defences anyway.
Lacerate Expert 0 Burst veins with the smallest of cuts.
Epilepsy Expert 20 Cause them to foam at the mouth for your amusement.
Anorexia Expert 40 Prevent the desire to eat.
Hallucinations Expert 60 Look! So many pink bunnies.
Discern Expert 80 Better awareness of curing attempts.
Instability Virtuoso 0 Do not touch that tattoo.
Hallucinogen Virtuoso 25 Warp the perception of reality.
Heroism Virtuoso 50 Flood the mind with heroic delusions.
Trigger Virtuoso 75 Instill a powerful mental condition.
Recklessness Fabled 0 Healing? Who needs healing?
Insanity Fabled 25 He was never really sane anyway.
Transfix Fabled 50 Simple minds are so easy to captivate.
Stupidity Fabled 75 Abject, entertaining idiocy.
Lure Mythical 0 The basilisk is irresistible indeed.
Invoke Mythical 33 Instantly perform a prepared action.
Sensitivity Mythical 66 Extreme sensitivity to pain.
Boomerang Mythical 33 Send them back to where they came from.
Resurrect Mythical 66 Bring the fallen back to life.
Brainmelt Transcendent 100 A powerful mental wave to melt a troubled brain.