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Magick Circle
Evocation • Naturebinding • Pioneering


The Druidic skill of Evocation focuses on control of the Nature. The Druids can focus the elements of Air and Earth through their quarterstaff to protect themselves, summon falling rocks, walk on the very air, and even conjure tornadoes and call forth earthquakes.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Quarterstaff Inept 0 Craft a Druidic quarterstaff.
Batter Inept 0 Batter your foes with your quarterstaff.
Sharpen Novice 0 Sharpen a quarterstaff and stab your enemies.
Raze Apprentice 0 Attack the defences that would keep your quarterstaff out.
Whirl Capable 0 Reveal those hiding nearby.
Imbue Capable 33 Imbue your quarterstaff with the power of Earth.
Barkskin Capable 66 Make your skin tough like bark.
Feather Adept 0 Fill your quarterstaff with the power of Air.
Levitate Adept 25 Rise above the ground and levitate.
Density Adept 50 Become extremely heavy and difficult to move.
Swing Adept 75 Knock everyone nearby off their feet.
Knockdown Skilled 0 Smash the legs of your foe.
Slam Skilled 25 Push an individual away.
Envenom Skilled 50 Coat your quarterstaff in toxins.
Impale Skilled 75 Sink the quarterstaff into your foe.
Protection Gifted 0 Protect yourself from the elements.
Drain Gifted 20 Attack the mental power of your target.
Tornado Gifted 40 Summon a powerful tornado.
Rockfall Gifted 60 Summon rocks against your enemies.
Rockthrow Gifted 80 Propel rocks into a distance.
Pull Expert 0 Use the tornado to pull others towards you.
Rubble Expert 20 Fill the exits with rubble.
Lightning Expert 40 Call down a bolt of lightning.
Twist Expert 60 Twist an impaled quarterstaff.
Empower Expert 80 Empower your quarterstaff with extra effects.
Rainstorm Virtuoso 0 Summon a rainstorm over the local area.
Throw Virtuoso 25 Throw others high into the air.
Enfeeble Virtuoso 50 Weaken your target.
Airwalk Virtuoso 75 Travel on the currents of air.
Sleet Fabled 0 Call forth a freezing hailstorm.
Toxicrain Fabled 25 Infuse a tornado with toxins.
Earthquake Fabled 50 Call forth a massive earthquake.
Wisps Fabled 75 Magickal creatures with mysterious powers.
Barrier Mythical 0 Surround yourself with an impenetrable barrier.
Earthburst Mythical 33 A massive outburst of earth.
Earthsong Fabled 75 The vibrant song of the Earth itself.
Airsong Mythical 0 The uplifting song of Air.
Windstorm Mythical 33 Summon a storm of powerful winds.
Delaying Mythical 33 Delay the empowered effects on your quarterstaff.
Guardian Fabled 75 Summon an earthen guardian.
DelayWisp Mythical 0 Delay the effect of a summoned wisp.
Reinforce Mythical 33 Strengthen the power of wisps around you.
Implosion Fabled 75 Collapse your tornado into itself.
Reclaim Mythical 0 Call forth the Nature to reclaim what it gave.