Shapeshifting (skill)

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Magick Circle
Shapeshifting • Supremacy • Pioneering


Shapeshifting is the primary skill of the Hunter profession. It teaches how to transform one's body into that of a fearsome Wyvern, and how to utilise this form in a variety of ways, ranging from clawing to flying and stinging with its deadly tail.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Transform Inept 0 Assume the form of the mighty wyvern.
Speak Inept 0 Bend your draconic tongue to speak mortal languages.
Fly Novice 0 Take to the skies with your powerful wings.
Scales Apprentice 0 Heavy armoured scales protect you from harm.
Claw Capable 0 Slash your opponents with wicked claws.
Spy Capable 33 Peek into surrounding rooms.
View Capable 66 Take note of all who are outdoors with you.
Bludgeon Adept 0 Thump your opponents with your brunt.
Sting Adept 25 Introduce a random poison into your opponent's bloodstream.
Deadaim Adept 50 Take closer aim at your target.
Glare Adept 75 Send your opponent fleeing in terror.
FireAura Skilled 0 Shroud yourself with retaliating flames.
Icebreath Skilled 25 Summon ice from within.
Shock Skilled 50 Your tail can induce toxic shock.
Icewall Skilled 75 Summon an icewall with your accumulated ice.
Track Gifted 0 Fly to another from your place in the skies.
Transfer Gifted 20 Siphon a poison from your body and leave it in another's.
MoonAura Gifted 40 The light of the moons protects you from poisons.
Hoist Gifted 60 Lift an unsuspecting target with your talons.
Iceblast Gifted 80 Fire a blast of your accumulated ice.
Firebreath Expert 0 Summon fire from within.
Ensnare Expert 20 Transfix another with your draconic eyes.
Deaden Expert 40 Ruin your target's ability to focus.
Roar Expert 60 Issue a mighty roar.
Toxicbreath Expert 80 Spew poisonous gas, dangerous to all.
Smash Virtuoso 0 Cripple the limbs of your opponent.
Fireblast Virtuoso 25 Fire a blast of your accumulated flame.
ToxicAura Virtuoso 50 Protect your allies from your toxic fumes.
Disease Virtuoso 75 Ruin your target's blood-cleaning skills.
Frostbite Fabled 0 Attack with a deep freeze and slow.
Gust Fabled 25 Throw a forceful gale around the room.
Disarm Fabled 50 Breathe fire at a trap.
Bloodpoison Fabled 75 Accumulate poison damage in your opponent's bloodstream.
NatureAura Mythical 0 Your ties to nature enhance your wyvern attacks.
Incinerate Mythical 33 Weaken your opponent's armour.
PoisonMind Mythical 66 Keep your target from eliminating your tail's poisons.
Rupture Transcendent 100 Take advantage of your accumulated poison.