Malignosis (skill)

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Demonic Circle
Evileye • Malignosis • Necromancy

The hallmark skill of the Malignist, Malignosis is the art and science of summoning and dealing with the mighty Ouroboros and lesser daemons. In it, you will learn to use the sentient daeggers, form a relationship with your loving Ouroboros, and learn to summon a variety of lesser daemons into a pentagram drawn with blood. Perhaps the most feared ability of the Malignosis skill is that which allows your Ouroboros to tear the soul from an unwilling victim.

Name Rank Percent Description
Daegger Inept 0 Call to your side a living, daemonic daegger to aid you.
Hunt Novice 0 Command your daegger to hunt your enemy.
Pentagrams Apprentice 0 Sketch an infernal pentagram, in blood.
Ouroboros Apprentice 0 Summon your beloved Ouroboros to do your bidding.
Taste Apprentice 0 Taste the flesh of your Ouroboros.
Rest Apprentice 0 Order your Ouroboros to rest.
Armor Capable 0 Request that your Ouroboros grant you protection.
Horror Capable 40 Instill great fear into your victim with your demon's aid.
Fiend Adept 0 Summon a daemon fiend to attack an enemy.
Presences Adept 50 Locate those in your local area with your Ouroboros.
Sap Skilled 0 Drain away the mana of a victim with your loving demon.
Trace Skilled 40 Command your Ouroboros to trace the movements of someone.
Fortify Gifted 0 Fortify the health of your Ouroboros with yours.
Eye Gifted 33 An ever-watchful, gazing eye.
Apathy Gifted 66 Become numb to the crushing pain of existence.
Shadowstrike Expert 0 Use your daegger to strike at the shadow of a victim.
Beckon Expert 25 Your Ouroboros is an attractive force indeed.
Nightmare Expert 50 A daemonite born of the darkest fears of mankind.
Strip Expert 75 Command your demon to strip the defences from someone.
Sear Virtuoso 0 Order your Ouroboros to sear the flesh of an enemy.
Eliminate Virtuoso 22 Use your daegger to tear the beating heart from a victim.
Bloodworms Virtuoso 44 Summon forth a horde of these foul lesser daemons.
Blast Virtuoso 77 Order your Ouroboros to blast your enemies from the room.
Mindread Fabled 0 Command your demon to listen to incoming tells.
Daemonite Fabled 36 Summon forth a small daemonite to annoy your enemies.
Fury Fabled 72 Cause those around you to go into an enhancing fury.
Stain Mythical 0 Stain the soul of someone with your Ouroboros.
Syphon Mythical 30 Order your Ouroboros to draw afflictions away from you.
Refuge Mythical 69 Seek refuge in the Inferno.
Catharsis Transcendent 0 Perhaps their death is the greatest mercy there is.
SoulPact Transcendent 0 Sell your soul to the Demon Realm.