Pyroglacia (skill)

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Magick Circle
Pyroglacia • Terratheria • Crystalbinding


Pyroglacia is the primary skill of the Mage profession. Harnessing the raw powers of fire and water, the Mages is capable of inflicting many harmful effects upon their foes, ranging from bolts of flames and freezing spells to the powerful blasts of lava and rapidly flying icicles.

In addition to combat spells, the skill also offers several utility effects, such as the ability to walk on water, or to transport between a variety of locations.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Freeze Inept 0 Chill your foe to the bone.
Waterwalking Novice 0 Command the waters to carry you.
Bloodboil Apprentice 0 Cause the very blood to boil and burn.
Waterbreathing Capable 0 Breathe water with ease.
Purify Capable 50 A wave of purifying water.
Attunement Adept 0 Understanding of the elements grants greater power.
Disrupt Adept 50 Disrupt the mental equilibrium.
Hasten Skilled 0 Patience is a virtue best avoided.
Flood Skilled 33 Flood the location with elemental waters.
Part Skilled 66 Keep the waters at bay.
Combine Gifted 0 Cast two spells at once.
Firewall Gifted 25 Raise a scorching wall of flames.
Heat Gifted 50 Increase the fire attunement of another.
Suffuse Gifted 75 Water can be soothing and addicting indeed.
Scorch Expert 0 Induce an extreme sensitivity to light.
Heatsap Expert 25 Sap the heat from your surroundings.
Spray Expert 50 Increase the water attunement of another.
Dehydrate Expert 75 Sap the strength from another.
Flamewhip Virtuoso 0 Lash out with a whip of pure flame.
Icewall Virtuoso 25 Raise a wall of elemental ice.
Ignite Virtuoso 50 Set your foe on fire, or worse.
Icicles Virtuoso 75 Pierce the skin with hundreds of icicles.
Whirlwind Fabled 0 Bring your target to you.
Firestorm Fabled 25 Rain fire down on your foes.
Displace Fabled 50 Travel on a wave of the elements.
Flamebolt Fabled 75 Turn their curing skills against them.
Flamepillar Mythical 0 Call forth a blazing pillar.
Firecircle Mythical 20 A circling bolt of flame to plague your foe.
Shrapnel Mythical 40 Violently shatter a wall of ice.
Lavablast Mythical 60 A highly damaging blast of molten lava.
Scourge Mythical 80 Negate the effect of protective elixirs.
Submersion Transcendent 0 Drown an unlucky victim.