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Demonic Circle
Torment • Shadowbinding • Desecration

In its early stages, Shadowbinding teaches you how to store and manipulate the energy emitted from Sukhder, the moon of Terror. The energy, known as haze, will allow you to perform your shadowbinding abilities. With the progression of the skill and your abilities, you will be able to manipulate the shadows to confuse and confound your victims - from conjuring the darkness to forcing them to eat a particular plant or sip from a potion at just the wrong moment.

At the height of your knowledge, you will be able to bind the planes together in order to pull another into the Prime Material Plane. Whether walking with obscurity or projecting through the mists, Shadowbinding will assist you in your dark purpose.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Shadowveil Inept 0 Construct a shadowveil to collect Sukhder's energy.
Shadowgems Inept 0 Store Sukhder's energy in shadowgems.
Shadowring Inept 0 Wear a ring imbued with shadowgems.
Levitation Novice 0 Bind shadows to float above the ground.
Seek Apprentice 0 Reveal the location of another.
Projection Capable 0 Travel on the dark mists.
Darkness Capable 50 Conjure an obscuring darkness.
Trance Adept 0 Sink into a healing trance.
Sleep Adept 25 Let the shadows soothe your target into oblivion.
Waterwalk Adept 50 Bind shadows to carry you across water.
Shroud Adept 75 Conceal yourself within the shadows.
FireSap Skilled 0 Instill fire vulnerability into your target.
Confutation Skilled 25 Wreathe confusing shadows around your form.
ColdSap Skilled 50 Instill cold vulnerability into your target.
Regrowth Skilled 75 Heal yourself with Sukhder's energy.
Pacification Gifted 0 Pacify an unruly creature.
Shadowtorc Gifted 25 Imbue a torc with shadowgems.
PoisonSap Gifted 50 Instill poison vulnerability into your target.
Recuperation Gifted 75 Refresh your mind with Sukhder's energy.
BreathSap Expert 0 Instill asphyxiation vulnerability into your target.
Weakflux Expert 25 Surround the target in a weakening flux.
Fleetness Expert 50 Walk swiftly with the aid of shadows.
Sparksap Expert 75 Instill electricity vulnerability into your target.
Antibodies Virtuoso 0 Let the shadows cure that which ails you.
PsySap Virtuoso 20 Instill psychic vulnerability into your target.
AugurSmoke Virtuoso 40 An overwhelming urge to smoke a pipe.
Toughness Virtuoso 60 Strengthen your bones against damage.
Obscurity Virtuoso 80 Coat your surroundings in a hazy mist.
AugurDrink Fabled 0 An overwhelming urge to drink an elixir.
Apparition Fabled 20 A convincing apparition of shadows.
Strongflux Fabled 40 Surround the target in a strengthening flux.
AugurApply Fabled 60 An overwhelming urge to apply a salve.
Mistbind Fabled 80 Raise obscuring mists to prevent departure.
AugurEat Mythical 0 An overwhelming urge to eat.
Manadrain Mythical 20 Suffuse yourself with the mental strength of others.
Transmission Mythical 40 Bind your ailments unto another.
Healthdrain Mythical 60 Suffuse yourself with the health of others.
Juxtaposition Mythical 80 Bind the planes together.
Shadowcrown Transcendent 0 Store a multitude of gems in a shadowcrown.