Terratheria (skill)

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Magick Circle
Pyroglacia • Terratheria • Crystalbinding


Pyroglacia is the primary skill of the Mage profession. Harnessing the raw powers of fire and water, the Mages is capable of inflicting many harmful effects upon their foes, ranging from bolts of flames and freezing spells to the powerful blasts of lava and rapidly flying icicles.

In addition to combat spells, the skill also offers several utility effects, such as the ability to walk on water, or to transport between a variety of locations.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Gust Inept 0 Conjure a powerful gust of wind.
Reflection Novice 0 Form a distracting illusion of yourself.
Stoneskin Apprentice 0 Form a supple layer of stone around yourself.
Tremors Capable 0 Increase the earth attunement of another.
Erode Capable 50 Destroy the defences of your opponent.
Wind Adept 0 Increase the air attunement of another.
Flight Adept 33 Take off into the skies.
Sonicportal Adept 66 Open a portal to another individual.
Toxicsplash Skilled 0 A quick, unpredictable splash.
Windveil Skilled 33 Increase your resistance to elemental damage.
Batter Skilled 66 Batter your foes with conjured rocks.
Shake Gifted 0 Cause another to fall down.
Windscribe Gifted 25 Scribe letters into the air.
Sandling Gifted 50 Burrow into the earth.
Sludge Gifted 75 Sticky mud that prevents escape.
Fog Expert 0 Conjure an obscuring layer of fog.
Lightning Expert 25 Form a bolt of pure lightning.
Howl Expert 50 A fierce howl of the wind.
Drain Expert 75 Drain strength from another to boost your own.
Lightningwall Virtuoso 0 A paralysing wall of charged lightning.
Sidesmash Virtuoso 25 A precise hit to turn your target into a clumsy fool.
Blink Virtuoso 50 Transport yourself past obstructions.
Project Virtuoso 75 Project your reflection into a distance.
Transfix Fabled 0 Weave a transfixing pattern of pure air.
Shimmer Fabled 20 Obscure your wounds to a casual observer.
Knockout Fabled 40 Attack with earth-infused strength.
Maelstrom Fabled 60 Call forth a confusing maelstrom of air.
Earthsense Fabled 80 Watch for nearby movements.
Calcify Mythical 0 Slow down the ability to process curative plants.
Windtrack Mythical 25 Form connections between your scribings.
Earthspirit Mythical 50 Call forth a spirit of the earth.
Decompose Mythical 75 Unleash the fury of the elements.
Windbrace Transcendent 100 Embrace the form of wind.