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Perception is a selection of abilities all related to your perception of the world around you. A tanari, dwarf, lamira, etc. all naturally have certain methods of perception and vision seeks to primarily increase your visual acuity. Starting off with simple tricks of observation, Perception will eventually give you the power of far-seeing, as well as the power to examine your subconscious and profit thereby.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Looking Inept 0 Gain knowledge of your immediate surroundings.
Glancing Inept 0 See summarized information about your surroundings.
Secrets Inept 5 Discover hidden exits.
Squinting Novice 0 See extended distances in your line of sight.
Flyers Apprentice 0 Take notice of those in the skies.
Observe Capable 0 Gain information about your extended surroundings.
Farsight Capable 40 Attempt to locate another player from afar.
Vigilance Adept 0 Increase your resistance to hypnosis.
Treewatch Adept 25 Watch the forest canopies for movement.
Deathsight Adept 50 Attune yourself to the Underworld.
Pipelist Adept 62 Scan your pipes with utmost speed.
Elixlist Adept 75 Quickly discover what elixirs and salves you are holding.
Search Skilled 0 Search your location for hidden beings.
Letterlist Skilled 25 Quick glance of all your letters.
Booklist Skilled 25 Scan the titles of books you own.
Skywatch Skilled 50 Watch the skies for movement.
PowerNodes Skilled 75 Detect the nodes of power in your area.
Keylist Gifted 0 See a list of your keys and which doors they open.
Alertness Gifted 33 Heightened awareness of your surroundings.
Rites Gifted 66 View the holy rites operating in your location.
Vibes Expert 0 See what vibrations are in a room.
Magicklist Expert 33 Check the status of your magickal items.
Nightsight Expert 66 Use infravision to see in the dark.
Hypersight Virtuoso 0 See the actions of magically cloaked players.
Thirdeye Virtuoso 25 Give yourself the power of the third eye.
Tattoos Virtuoso 50 Discover what tattoos are on another player.
Discernment Virtuoso 75 Discover what defences are protecting an individual.
Wormholes Fabled 0 The ability to sense wormholes in your location.
Rivensense Fabled 18 Sense the bodies of the recently slain.
Contemplation Fabled 45 Perceive the state of another's mental strength.
Scan Fabled 54 Seekout the locations of your allies and enemies.
Telesense Fabled 72 Heighten your awareness to telepathic attempts.
Appraise Mythical 0 Quickly take note of someone's carried possessions.
Trueassess Mythical 23 Gain more detailed information concerning your foe.
Warning Mythical 61 Watch for the prying eyes of the enemy.
Landsense Transcendent 0 The ability to recognize mortals entering the realm.