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Demonic Circle
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Enslavery is without question the most dangerous art within Imperian. It involves the summoning of entities from the Demon Planes. You risk your life and your very soul in dealing with them, for they are powerful and not to be trifled with.

To gain the services of a demon, you must first summon a demonic entity from the demon plane. Once done, you may attempt to ENSLAVE <entity>. If the entity feels you are weak, it will attempt to destroy you.

After you have finished your enslavement, you will see, if you type PACTS, what pacts you have made with entities. If you have a pact made, you may call upon the aid of that entity by doing SUMMON <entity>. In some cases, the entity itself will come, and in some cases it will send its minions to assist you.

When an entity is summoned, it will remain with you unless you are powerless to further enslave it and have given into death or are unable to keep a close watch on the entity by remaining within the realms. There are ways to send it back to its infernal realm prematurely. BANISH <entity> will accomplish this if it is your wish, while others may have abilities that allow them to drive the entity off. An entity cannot be killed (though an entity's minions can be). It will only be driven back to the Demon Plane if it falls into a state that would kill a mortal.

Summary of general Enslavery-related commands:

ENSLAVE <entity>  : Begin to dominate a demon entity.
PACTS  : See what pacts you have with entities.
SUMMON <entity>  : Summon an entity or one of its servants.
BANISH <entity>  : Banish an entity back to the plane of demons.
CALL ENTITIES  : Call your loyal entities to you.

See also HELP MOBILES for some other commands to use with your entities.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Summoning Inept 0 The ability to bind demons.
Skyrax Inept 0 Skyrax, the Scourge.
Rixil Novice 0 Rixil, the spectre.
Eerion Apprentice 0 Eerion, the demon jester.
Arctar Capable 0 Arctar, the Defender.
Scrag Capable 40 Scrag, Bloodleech.
Pyradius Adept 0 Pyradius, Demon Firelord.
Dameron Adept 50 Dameron, Demon Prince.
Palpatar Skilled 0 Palpatar, the Glutton of Glaaki.
Nin'Kharsag Skilled 40 Nin'Kharsag, the Slime Master.
Istria Gifted 0 Istria, the Rogue.
Marduk Gifted 50 Marduk, the Eater of Souls.
Belial Expert 0 Belial, the lifestealer.
Buul Expert 62 Buul, the Demon Chirurgeon.
Cadmus Virtuoso 11 Cadmus, the cursed shaman.
Piridon Virtuoso 44 Piridon, the shapechanger.
Danaeus Fabled 0 Danaeus, the Demon Storm.
Lyncantha Fabled 90 Lyncantha, Keeper of the Hounds.
Tarotlink Mythical 30 Command your doppleganger to throw tarot cards.
Hecate Mythical 61 Hecate, Mother of the Whores.
Golgotha Transcendent 0 Jy'Barrak Golgotha, Emperor of Darkness.