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Demonic Circle
Torment • Shadowbinding • Desecration


Torment is a skill that lives up to its name when correctly used against your enemies... Through the use of a wooden flail, packed with thorns, this skill will allow you to torture your victims by instilling various states of fear, panic, and paranoia. You will also be able to find an ally for your punishment in a demonic hound.

As you progress through your combative skills, you will be able to use the blood of your victim to grow stronger while using the creatures of the Pit to further drive your opponent into madness.

Skill Table

Name Rank Percent Description
Transmute Inept 0 Taint a flail to suit your needs.
Ravage Novice 0 Torture victims with your flail.
Gripping Apprentice 0 Grips your wielded weapons more tightly.
Raze Capable 0 Raze defences that would keep your flail away.
Thornsprout Capable 50 Sprout wicked thorns from your flail.
Parry Adept 0 Parry attacks with your flail.
Envenom Adept 33 Coat your flail in toxins.
Devastate Adept 66 Devastate your victims with your flail.
Entropy Skilled 0 Torment your victims with visions of their demise.
Terror Skilled 33 Instill primal fear into your victims.
Scream Skilled 66 The hideous scream of a tormentor.
Hound Gifted 0 Chase escaped victims on a demonic hound.
Bile Gifted 33 Disfigure your victims with a demonic bile.
Thornroot Gifted 66 Invoke thorns to burrow into flesh.
Paranoia Expert 0 Torment your victim with thoughts of hopelessness.
Arachnids Expert 25 Summon a swarm of spiders to plague your victim.
Claustrophobia Expert 50 Instill the fear of closed spaces upon your victim.
Tears Expert 75 Feast upon their helpless tears.
Rebuke Virtuoso 0 Punish those who dare to attack you.
Thornfire Virtuoso 25 Swing your flail to shoot thorns at your victim.
Iceshroud Virtuoso 50 Coat yourself in a cold embrace.
Blooddrinker Virtuoso 75 Feed yourself on your victim's blood.
UnseenEye Fabled 0 They have nowhere to hide from your sight.
Hallucinations Fabled 25 Vivid hallucinations to plague your victim.
Bileshroud Fabled 50 Envelop yourself in demonic bile.
Haemophilia Fabled 75 Don't let your victim spoil your fun.
Shadow Mythical 0 Their own shadow shall torture them.
Flameshroud Mythical 25 Embrace yourself in the flames of the Pit.
Behead Mythical 50 Crush their neck with your flail.
Gutwyrm Mythical 75 Torture your victim with a burrowing gutwyrm.
Corrosion Transcendent 0 Corrode your flail to unleash its full power.